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NHRA announces its participation in “Arab Health”

“Work Smart” company announced the participation of Bahrain’s National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) in the Arab Health Exhibition and Medical Congress in the Middle East “Arab Health” to be held from 26 to 29 this month in Dubai.

“The NHRA participation in this international event, which is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and the second in the world, aims to showcase Bahrain’s big and promising investment opportunities in the various sectors of the health care field and the related industries to participants in general and to foreign investors in particular. Spreading awareness about the Kingdom’s unique investment features and its developed investment environment is yet another aim,” said the NHRA Chief Executive, Dr. Bahauddin Fetaiha.

He assured the NHRA keenness on enhancing its effective contributions to support and diversify the national economy. “This can be achieved through the keeping on developing the legislative structure and the governing laws and speeding-up procedures for the private sector and encouraging it to build and expand more hospitals , health centers, care centers and all sectors related to the medical and health services,” he added.

“Bahrain’s participation in the conference is a great opportunity to showcase the Kingdom’s advanced experience in the provision of health services to the most important health decision-makers in the world,” Dr. Fetaiha concluded.

For his part, Chairman of board of “Work Smart”, Ahmed Al-Hujairi confirmed that NHRA participation in the “National Pavilion” in “Arab Health” enhances the achievement of the major objectives.

“The objectives mainly focus on opening a chance to the public and private sectors to be updated with the latest global developments in the field of health care industry in general, displaying Bahrain’s investment opportunities in this area and building fruitful regional and global partnerships,” he explained.

Al-Hujairi stressed on the importance of the NHRA initiative to take advantage of its participation in the event to promote Bahrain economic and investment wise.

“The Bahraini participation will provide a comprehensive picture of the health sector in the Kingdom and enhances building relations and partnerships between the Bahrain government and private entities. This is in addition to the services and features “Work Smart” offers for participants like designing participants’ stands, facilitate their travel procedures, accommodation, providing a permanent is playplat form, securing high-level visits to the pavilion and much more.