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Nissan extends service intervals as part of customer excellence strategy in ME

Increase from 5,000 to 10,000km service intervals starting from December 1st

Nissan Middle East is affirming its commitment to its regional customers by offering them a greater choice and flexibility with extended service intervals for its new vehicles.

As part of its regional after-sales excellence strategy, the Japanese automaker is offering its customers an extended 10,000km service interval instead of the 5,000km interval, which is currently standard throughout the industry in the Middle East.

This offers a greater flexibility and peace of mind while ensuring optimum Safety & reliability of all its Vehicles.

This offers greater flexibility and even better value for money while maintaining its well-earned reputation as a champion for customer service excellence in the region.

“As part of Nissan’s strategy for customer service excellence, we are showing our commitment to our regional customers by offering extended service intervals for our new models,” says Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, Mr Samir Cherfan. “With this extension of the scheduled service intervals to 10,000km instead of 5,000, our customers can continue enjoying the most competitive cost of maintenance and ownership, but also the most consumer focused,” he added.

From 1 December 2015, all Nissans sold in the region will be supplied with periodic service intervals of either 10,000km or every six months, depending on which comes first.

Owners also have the option of getting their Cars serviced at every 5000 Kms. as per their requirement and usage patterns. For more details, get in touch with your Nearest “Authorized Nissan Service Center”. This ensures a greater flexibility to the Nissan Owners.

“Most of us in the region live in extreme weather conditions and we have adapted to the heat, dust, humidity in our own way. Our cars operate in punishing environments and with that in mind, many of our customers might prefer to stick with their existing arrangements, especially as Nissan’s service costs are the lowest in the business. This new announcement is about Nissan staying in tune with customer requirements and offering more choice than ever,” added Cherfan.

With the climactic conditions of the Middle East front of mind, Nissan has carried out comprehensive studies to find the best Engine Oil for the extending the service intervals. As a result, the company now recommends using the new “Nissan Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil (NGMO: 5W30SM) “ , which extends engine durability and safety even in extreme heat and dust conditions.

In 2014, Nissan Middle East’s Aftersales Division reported a 70 per cent growth in demand for Nissan Genuine Motor Oil Range and its popularity with Nissan customers has spread throughout the entire region. It was specially developed for the Middle East’s extreme weather conditions and has been proved to increase engine life and performance while reducing maintenance costs.

Nissan Genuine Motor Oil Range is available through its main National Sales Companies and can be found at Nissan Service Centers, Parts Outlets and Authorized Oil Wholesalers across the Middle East.

“All of our models deserve the best quality service and maintenance and we will not swerve in our dedication to delivering the very best levels of customer service. This commitment to Aftersales has helped our impressive growth, not only in sales but in levels of customer satisfaction,” concluded Cherfan.

In 2014 Nissan was recognized as the most awarded automotive brand in the MENA region for the third consecutive year, having received no fewer than 15 prestigious international and regional accolades.