Complex Made Simple

NMC Healthcare develops centres for advanced and minimally invasive surgeries to meet growing local, international demand for surgical care

NMC Healthcare, the UAE’s largest private healthcare provider, has developed centres for advanced and minimally invasive surgeries in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain in response to increasing demand for quality advanced care from both UAE residents and international medical tourists.

“After studying patient feedback from our 12 healthcare facilities across the UAE, we decided to bring together a core team of surgical specialists within our various facilities to offer a comprehensive suite of advanced surgical services. NMC Surgery is intended to meet the growing demand for progressive care from UAE residents and citizens, as well as large numbers of medical tourists from countries around the region and beyond,” said Dr. B R Shetty, NMC Healthcare’s Founder and CEO.

“While historically UAE nationals and expats would travel abroad to cities in Europe, Asia or the United States to receive treatment for conditions which require surgery, confidence in the UAE’s healthcare standards have skyrocketed over the past decade as the UAE’s reputation for medical excellence continues to grow from strength to strength,” Dr. Shetty added.

NMC Surgery offers the full spectrum of surgical options and is able to tailor make personalised treatment plans and perform niche operations within many areas of specialty. These include abdominal keyhole surgery for the treatment of gallstones to advanced keyhole treatments for hernia and appendicitis. In addition, the centre specialises in weight loss surgery to counter obesity (bariatric surgery), treatment options for cancer, and highly advanced day-surgery techniques to treat varicose veins.

By gathering a team of prominent surgeons, providing them with the most advanced equipment and supporting them with a state of the art infrastructure, NMC Healthcare has crafted a world-class environment for patients in the UAE as well as those who visit from abroad.

Medical tourism has become big business globally with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) estimating revenues globally to be in the region of US$30 billion annually. What was once a price only decision, international patients are now taking many other factors into consideration when deciding where to travel such as quality of care, medical expertise, specialist treatments and availability of luxury accommodation. The UAE, while comparing favorably with many developed countries in terms of price, also delivers spectacularly well in terms of quality, expertise and luxury.

In creating the surgery Centre of Excellence, NMC Healthcare is also playing its part in Dubai’s overall medical tourism strategy of welcoming 500,000 patients per year by 2020.

NMC Healthcare currently treats over two million patients annually, including visiting patients from Middle East and Africa.

“NMC Surgery is home to state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of distinguished surgeons who all live up to NMC’s reputation of being a leading provider of quality care. Thanks to cutting edge technology and techniques, 80% of all the procedures performed by NMC Healthcare are minimally invasive keyhole surgeries which leave minimal scarring and significantly reduced recovery time,” said Dr. Shetty.