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NTDE launches natural fruit drink range in Dubai

JUS, help consumers 'get more from their drinks'.

National Trading and Developing Establishment (NTDE), one of the leading distributors of international consumer brands in the region, announced the launched of JUS, a fruit drink range with natural ingredients which offers a healthy option to discerning customers’ tastes and preferences.

JUS, offers the unmatched taste and health benefits of Fruit Bites and Fruit Drinks which contains rich amounts of Vitamin C and are free of any artificial colors or flavors.

JUS Fruit Bites contains real fruit bites that offer three delicious flavors which are Alphonso Mango drink with mango bites, Fruit Cocktail drink with mango bites and Orange drink with orange cells.

JUS Fruit Drinks comes in three flavors Lemon and Garden Mint drink, Pineapple drink and Red Grape & Berries drink.

The total fresh juice market in the UAE is estimated at 30 million liters per year, while long-life juice accounts for 12 million liters per year. A massive 91 per cent of adults consume fruit juice in UAE with sixty five per cent of the population drink weekly and 13 per cent drink two to three times in a month or once a month.

Hussain Al Zubaidee, Chief Operating Officer for Manufacturing and Re-exports (MEA), NTDE, said: “Our production line is designed to ensure we achieve high standards of safety. JUS bottle is produced by an in-house forming machine and is sterilized by UV rays. In order to optimize safety, there is a tunnel with hot and cold water to create a negative pressure inside the bottle and the product is filled through hot filling.”

“We produce to compete and win in all aspects. The challenge is to ensure hygienic and high quality standards at a competitive price,” he added.

The JUS range is manufactured in the UAE and is approved by the food safety management system ISO 22000. The beverage is already on the shelves in various supermarkets, grocery stores and petrol stations across the UAE and retails at a price of AED 2 per 300ml PET bottle.