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OMA Emirates provides Sharjah Islamic Bank with faster and economical solution for card personalization

OMA Emirates, a provider of cutting edge technology for the payment industry today announced the successful implementation of the end-to-end EMV card personalization for Sharjah Islamic Bank. The solution helps to make a smooth transition from magnetic stripe to EMV cards issuance and is now capable of faster, efficient and economical delivery of personalized cards to its customers.

Sharjah Islamic Bank is focusing on providing higher value to its clientele and has made significant technology investments to stay ahead with their banking services. The new perso machine system from OMA Emirates – Solution Gulf is capable of providing instant embossing and encoding of EMV cards. Built on open platform architecture, it enables the bank to continue using systems from other vendors thereby lowers costs and improves flexibility of card operations.

“It was important for us to implement technology savvy services which will benefit our customers. The migration from magnetic stripe cards to EMV personalized cards by OMA Emirates allows us to adhere to strict EMV card specifications and standards and gives us the flexibility to scale up depending on market demands and our card business. Coupled with the high end personalization system, we are able to meet the timely needs of any additional information that needs to be introduced into the EMV cards, new formats, etc.” said, Hesham Farouk, Senior Vice President, Head of Card Operations of Sharjah Islamic Bank.

“While implementing the EMV card issuance solutions for Sharjah Islamic Bank, we took into consideration the specific needs and worked towards using some of the latest technologies that supports their growing need to create higher levels of customer satisfaction while also putting into place viable solutions that would optimize the card personalization process. Our in-house team worked towards achieving Sharjah Islamic Bank’s goal to continue working towards technology for the future.” said Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates – Solution Gulf.

With in-built features that manage the system, the solution allows the bank to have easy access to data from the powerful search facility, and captures photographs and signatures and optimizes them thereby increasing the speed of card issuance. More importantly it allows the use of batch printing and encoding which helps in reducing the processing time of the cards. OMA Emirates has a provided an end-to-end solution which is high performance, secure, flexible and scalable depending on the client’s requirements and makes it a faster implementation which is a cost effective solution for the bank. The system also has an inbuilt instant issuance model and can be ungraded within weeks by the bank.

OMA Emirates works with some of the leading financial and banking institutions in the Middle East, Serbia, Nepal and presence in Africa and supports them with some of the latest technology to meet specific demands of the changing environment.