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Oman hotels’ revenues hit OMR 97 million

Sultanate expects the growth in number of tourists to exceed 11 per cent during the current year

Three-, four- and five-star hotels in Oman recorded revenues of OMR97 million by the end of June, statistics reveal.

The statistics released by the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) state that the number of hotel guests in the same period amounted to 556,622, reports Saudi-based Argaam.

Tourism indicators show that the total number of tourists coming to the Sultanate reached roughly 1.14m visitors until the end of June.

Non-Omani Gulf visitors came first in the number of visitors with 367,542, followed by India with 131,341 visitors.

In third place came visitors from Britain with 76,520 and German visitors with 61,729.

The total number of departing tourists reached 2.491m visitors by the end of June.

Tourism expert Mohammed Yahyai stated earlier this month that the Sultanate recorded a large influx in tourist traffic, expecting that the growth in the number of tourists would exceed 11 per cent during the current year compared with 2014.

(OMR1 = AED9.53, at the time of publishing)