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Omani Products’ Expo inaugurated at Lulu Hypermarket in Al Ghubra

The series of Omani Products’ Exhibitions are being held to motivate consumers – individuals and institutions – to buy locally manufactured products.

In a way to boost the nationwide campaign to promote local products “Origin Oman” and in line with the Sultanate’s celebrations of the 45th National Day, an Omani Products’ Exhibition was inaugurated yesterday (Sunday) at Lulu Hypermarket in Al Ghubra, under the auspices of Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE).

The series of Omani Products’ Exhibitions are being held to motivate consumers – individuals and institutions – to buy locally manufactured products. Besides, these exhibitions disseminate awareness about the positive effect of purchasing Omani products in supporting the national economy. Al Hasani stressed that promoting Oman-made products is one of the vital objectives of PEIE.

“We always aim at generating awareness on the Omani products through various platforms including exhibitions at the commercial centres. The Omani products today are enjoying excellent reputation marked by high quality and standards. These products are widely spreading locally, regionally and internationally which encourage the local companies to further expand their production database and diversify their products,” Al Hasani said.

He added, “PEIE constantly evaluates its series of exhibitions and re-evaluates Origin Oman Campaign policies through preparation of plans and intensive programmes. We are reaching toward the end of the eighth five-year plan and the start of the ninth five-year plan. The latter will provide a number of distinctive programmes for Omani products.”

Visitors to the exhibition expressed their confidence on the Omani products and praised the great quality maintained by these products. Mohamed Al Khusaibi, a visitor, emphasised that the Omani products have always stolen his attention.

“I personally feel proud to witness the success of these products, not only in the local markets, but also in the international markets. Such exhibitions offer a great opportunity for the consumers to come and experience the great quality characterised by these products by themselves. As locals, we have to support the locally manufactured products, which play a role in offering job opportunities for the nationals and subsequently play a role in advancing the Omani economy,” Al Khusaibi pointed out.
Majid Al Maqbali, on the other hand, said that it is a collective responsibility to constantly support the Omani products.

“By organising Omani Products’ Exhibitions continually, consumers shall be able to get acquainted on the great characteristics of these products and eventually get encouraged to purchase the Omani products rather than the imported ones,” Al Maqbali noted.
Said Al Barwani, another visitor, said, “Taking into consideration the fact that by supporting Omani products job opportunities shall be generated for the nationals, therefore it is our duty to always support these products, knowing that the nationals will get benefited. Besides, by organising this exhibition in line with the ongoing Sultanate’s celebrations of the 45th National Day, it would be a great opportunity to generate awareness on Omani products among the various segments of the society.”

The series of Omani Products’ Exhibitions aim to apprise citizens and residents on the quality of Omani products and their competitive capabilities, encourage consumers both individuals and organisations to purchase local products and services, and generate more awareness on the importance of buying Omani products and its direct contribution in advancing the national economy. Origin Oman Campaign is a national initiative designed to encourage consumers and organisations to buy Oman made goods and services wherever possible, and promote national pride in the manufacturing industry and the economic importance of buying local made products.