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Omanoil Farah campaign kicks off promising exciting surprises

Set to spread happiness across the sultanate

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) kicked-off a nationwide happiness campaign designed to spread joy across the width and breadth of the Sultanate.

The month-long initiative called ‘Farah’ will include a series of activities and events conducted by a dedicated omanoil team and in collaboration with some of the Sultanate’s well-known social media enthusiasts and popular radio stations.

Caring beyond the pump, omanoil will be running competitions encouraging people to share their happy moments and post happiness themed photographs through various broadcast and social media platforms. Not only will all the customer-generated content provide an effortless stream of interesting photographs, but will also help deepen their relationship with omanoil.

Hussain Jama, General Manager of Retail, Fuel Card and Regional Offices, said “Farah is a campaign that is all about creating joyous memories throughout Oman, one person at a time. Happiness is contagious, that is why we developed a campaign specifically to brighten the day of people and empower them with a feel-good experience they will for sure share with others.”

In recent years, studies have increasingly shown that happiness comes with many benefits. According to a review of 225 studies undertaken by the Psychological Bulletin, happiness leads to greater success. The review showed that happy people seek out and undertake new goals that reinforce their happiness and other positive emotions. Additionally, other studies have proven that happy people have younger hearts, longer life expectancy, and strong immune systems than those that are unhappy.

Jama added, “We live in a fast-paced world where too often we forget just how important happiness can be. Being happy is invaluable and comes with a host of tremendous physical, mental, and intellectual benefits. We are therefore committed to reaching our goal with this campaign and spreading joy across Oman.”

Consisting of two phases, the second stage of omanoil’s campaign will kick-off under the theme ‘Happiness Is Here’ and run from late December and until mid-January 2016. As part of the initiative, Farah’s ambassadors will travel cross-country, visiting omanoil filling stations to deliver more surprises and special gifts to customers at the pump.