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Oman’s Majan looks to ministry to solve gas shortage

Majan Consolidated Co in Oman has said it hopes the commerce and industry ministry would resolve the gas supply shortage problems faced by the group's Hadid Majan Steel Factory, Times of Oman has reported. In 2011, the steelmaker expanded its operations by launching its automatic steel rolling plant, but the OR5m facility is facing operational hardships following the shortage of gas supply, the firm said. "I require at least 30,000 cubic meters of gas per day to operate my semi-automatic and automatic plants," said Anvwar Al Balushi, Group CEO of Majan Consolidated Co. "I will be able to produce 300% more of what I produce now, if I get 30, 000 cubic meters of gas," Al Balushi told the daily. "With the present gas allocation, I am not able to operate my plants in its full capacity. This is hitting my production and eventually market shortage is also felt," he said.