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Oryx Rotana delegation visits Ihsan

CSR initiative aimed at providing a decent life for the elderly

A delegation from Oryx Rotana Doha recently visited Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care (IHSAN) to raise awareness on the importance of sharing and giving back to society.

The visit was part of Oryx Rotana’s CSR initiatives allocated to help the local community and create links of compassion and love.

The Oryx Rotana delegation organized a lunch for the residents of IHSAN that was prepared especially by the hotel to leave a smile on the faces of the elderly. Special giveaways were also given at the centre.

The delegation spent valuable time with the elderly and also emphasized that these activities will positively reflect on the services provided to them.

Lana Jwainat, Cluster Director of Marketing and Communications at Oryx Rotana said, “Oryx Rotana Doha is proud to support IHSAN. This lunch for IHSAN residents is organized within Rotana’s Corporate Social Responsibility towards the community. We are thankful to them for joining us and sharing their insights. These senior residents have greatly contributed to the development and well-being of our community and our future. Now, it is our duty to support and honor them. We feel really privileged for hosting this lunch.We encourage all members of the society to do the same and cherish the moments.”

“This visit has been symbolic of enhancing and strengthening our relationship with all segments of the society. The aim of this visit has been to improve the community’s awareness about those members of the society who are in dire need for our care and attention. It is also our duty to be able to give back to this category of society in recognition of their past contributions, and because we believe in their rights as part of our society.,” added Lana Jwainat.

Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care (IHSAN) was established in January 2003 under the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and the guidance of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bin Nasser.

The aim of this institution is to provide health care services and social and psychological support for the elderly who do not have families cared for.