Complex Made Simple


  • B2B Tomorrow: Beyond Exchanges

    March 24, 2001

    Take your corporate inventories, your capabilities, your supply chain needs, your anticipated prices-assemble, in other words, a fairly intimate picture of how you intend to […]
  • E-Government, Private Information -Secure Solutions

    March 10, 2001

    Employees, citizens, businesses, and government organizations at all levels - local, regional, national - are continually pressured to be more accountable, more efficient, more productive, […]
  • Is Emaar Properties a buy?

    February 28, 2001

    HSBC Investment Bank reckons Dubai's leading property developer is a steal at current prices, and so do nationals. What then is holding Emaar Properties share […]
  • Saudi outlook from SAMBA

    January 9, 2001

    The Saudi Government has produced a fairly sober budget for 2001 with spending set to rise by six per cent, and the latest economic report […]
  • Mid-East economic outlook for 2001

    December 26, 2000

    Next year should be a bright one for Middle East economies, particularly the oil states, as the time lag between rising oil revenues and increased […]
  • What will a US recession mean for the Middle East?

    December 3, 2000

    With the US economy heading for a recession, what will the impact be on the Middle East? Only Arabian investors in the world's biggest economy […]
  • How do I become an e-business?

    November 27, 2000

    You did it! You've transformed your business into an e-business and now you're moving at internet speed. Business is great. Now how can you ensure […]
  • How do you get started in your e-business transformation?

    November 18, 2000

    Once you understand the what and why of e-business, it's time to start planning your short-term and long-term e-business strategy. Whether you're a traditional business […]
  • Why transform to e-business?

    October 29, 2000

    The transformation to e-business will be fundamental and profound, going far beyond e-commerce to change the technology, structure, processes and culture of your organization.
  • What is e-business?

    October 15, 2000

    Do not believe everything you see on TV or read in magazines, an e-business is more than a business with an 'e' in front of […]
  • Will the Saudi economic reform program work?

    October 11, 2000

    With Oman now part of the World Trade Organisation, Saudi Arabia stands out as the only Gulf State now outside this important international institutional structure. […]
  • Saudi GDP to jump 20%

    October 9, 2000

    Saudi American Bank's chief economist Brad Bourland predicts that Saudi Arabia will see its nominal GDP jump by 20 per cent this year, putting the […]