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PEIE honours participants of training programmes

Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), represented by its Human Resources Development Centre, honoured yesterday (Sunday) retired Omanis from PEIE and the national trainees who took part in PEIE’s Occupational Health and Safety training courses, under the patronage of HE Eng. Ahmed bin Hassan Al Dheeb, undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Commerce and Industry and Chairman of PEIE Board of Directors.

Al Dheeb stressed the importance of the role played by the PEIE through implementing various initiatives to train and rehabilitate employees working in various local companies and factories in order to enhance their performance and motivation, resulting in increasing production and improving quality.

On his part, Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani, CEO of PEIE, affirmed that one of the most vital roles assigned to PEIE is to advance and develop the national cadres.

“The training courses were selected to contribute to the activation of productivity in the work environment. We believe that it is imperative to have a continuous cooperation between the owners of companies and factories, and the government institutions in the field of training and rehabilitation in order to achieve positive results to benefit the Omani youth. In addition, PEIE is currently working on developing a strategy in coordination with Ministry of Manpower to gain access to certain mechanisms for training and rehabilitation, either through the organisation or through the various training institutes,” Al Hasani pointed out.

Noteworthy efforts
Speaking at the event, Salwa Al Shukaili, director of the human resources development centre, emphasised that training and rehabilitation hold a great importance to the development of human cadres. “PEIE has undertaken significant efforts in training the national cadres working for factories and companies affiliated to PEIE. In fact, PEIE is setting its annual lineup of training programmes and activities in administrative, financial and technical fields. The training plan for the year 2014 has been developed comprising a range of programmes for the national cadres aiming at improving their management, behavioral and technical skills. The importance of training programmes lies in the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes of the staff in order to raise their level of performance and efficiency,” Al Shukaili noted.

Al Shukaili added that the number of PEIE employees that were trained in the year 2012 touched 154 out of 203 employees, while the year 2013 witnessed the training of 180 employees out of 232 employees. In addition, the number of training opportunities implemented in 2012 reached 318 with the ratio of 1.5 training opportunity for each employee. On the other hand, the number of training opportunities that were implemented in 2013 touched 327. This is a marked increase in the area of training opportunities especially that 2013 witnessed an increase in the number of employees.

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates has given special attention to the development of the Omani cadres in the industrial sector through developing a lineup of training programmes for employees working in various companies and factories. The total number of participants from these companies and factories in training programmes, seminars and lectures in 2012 touched 520, while in 2013 it reached 686; with an increase of 14%. Besides, around 27 entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises from various industrial estates were trained in 2013. Participants from various government bodies also took part in few of the training programmes.

The training plan developed for the year 2014 comprises various programmes for the senior, middle and executive departments of PEIE. Besides, an array of training programmes will be dedicated to the companies and factories in various fields.