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Pelican Products launches its ProGear range, wide selection of protective solutions for consumer’s digital devices in UAE

Pelican Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting and high-performance protective case solutions, announced the introduction of the new consumer product line Pelican ProGear, that offers rugged, protective products designed to allow users to transport and protect all that they value, regardless of environmental conditions.

For more than 35 years Pelican Products has been the leader in mission-critical equipment protection, trusted by professionals. The same Pelican DNA that has protected scientific, military and emergency equipment through the harshest environments on earth, is now available to protect users’ personal tablets, laptops, photography equipment and more. Pelican ProGear offers crushproof, dustproof and rainproof products that guarantee the consumers the safety of their valuable devices and the content stored in them.

“Consumers value their digital devices and treasure the content stored in them, but these devices are fragile and need protection to face the everyday rush,” explained Ahmed Khodeir, Business Development Manager ME, Pelican. “The new Pelican ProGear line offers exceptional protection to consumers, with a wide range of products that include tough Smartphones cases, versatile iPad vaults and crushproof backpacks for laptops and cameras,” he added.

The new Pelican ProGear product range includes:
Pelican ProGear Voyager and Protector Cases
Ideal for protecting the Samsung Galaxy S4/S 5 and iPhone 5/5s in the most fashionable, yet toughest covers, that guard the device against drops and sharp-edged attacks to the screen. Pelican Engineers designed two levels of protection that deflects energy and cushions the smartphone in an impact, all to protect the phone fragile screen and sensitive electronics.

This line of colorful smartphone cases was chosen by AT&T, one of world’s largest communications companies, for selling in the AT&T retail stores as the offer of highest protection and durability.

Pelican ProGear Vaults
The ideal solution for protecting the Apple iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display, in three ways. Closed, it prevents impact to the screen and seals out dust and moisture. When open, provides the freedom of cover-free use but with impact protection. And for easel viewing, just flip the cover over the back to use as a secure table stand. These vaults can handle any accident or drop from up to 1,20 m.

Pelican ProGear Backpacks
The Pelican ProGear Urban and Sport backpacks are loaded with all the features and light weight protection needed to keep the consumers’ electronics safe and dry. Most of the backpack models incorporate either a Pelican™ hard case or a rigid compartment to fit and protect personal devices and belongings. The integrated crushproof Pelican case – designed to safeguard laptops, MacBook computers, netbooks, e-readers, tablets, photography equipment and other accessories – features the same military-grade durability as Pelican’s classic case products.

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