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PepsiCo-Jordan concludes Healthy Living Football Championship

Healthy Living Football Championship helped uncover numerous athletic talents.

PepsiCo-Jordan has concluded this year’s ‘Healthy Living Football Championship’, which took place at the stadiums of Oxford Schools.

The Championship is closely aligned with PepsiCo-Jordan’s efforts to promote health education among its employees, as well as to advance the sport of football.

18 teams from PepsiCo-Jordan’s various departments across all locations competed during the preliminary rounds, with losing teams automatically disqualifying from the Championship.

The top three teams, namely Amman Warehouses, Samer Sawalha and Biggest Winner, which came in at first, second and third places, respectively, were presented with valuable prizes.

“Last year’s ‘Healthy Living Football Championship’ proved to be remarkably successful. It helped us uncover numerous athletic talents, and encouraged our employees to lead healthier lifestyles by exercising regularly amidst a fun environment,” commented Nidal Hamam, General Manager of PepsiCo-Jordan.

“Building on this success, the Championship also allowed our staff members to break away from their daily routines and get back to work with renewed enthusiasm, in line with our strategy to enhance our work environment and promote team spirit and camaraderie,” he added.