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Pink Caravan opens Riders registration for fourth annual horseback trek for breast cancer

The Pink Caravan, an initiative by the Friends of Cancer Patients charitable society, invites interested riders to volunteer for its fourth annual Pink Caravan breast cancer awareness campaign 2014 by registering on its website

The Pink Caravan is an annual pan-UAE horseback ride aimed at spreading awareness on breast cancer among the UAE community. The ride will start from Sharjah on February 15th 2014, journeying through the Northern Emirates, passing through Dubai, Al Ain and concluding in Abu Dhabi on the 25th of February.

Riders – of all nationalities, both women and men – who wish to volunteer for the 2014 pan-UAE horseback ride, can complete the application registration forms by visiting, applicants are required to provide an overview of their equine experience and should specify the Emirate they wish to ride in. The ride will cover a distance of approximately 30 – 40 kilometers each day – spanning between 7-8 hours each day, with rest periods every 10 km, and a lunch break.

Since its inception in 2011, the Pink Caravan campaign has become one of the most prominent annual initiatives by the Friends of Cancer Patients charitable society. It aims to spread awareness and dispel myths about breast cancer, encourage UAE community seek early detection, and combat the social stigma associated with breast cancer which can affect both women as well as men.

Every year, Pink Caravan riders and ambassadors are joined by well-known public figures, the media as well as celebrities and numerous representation and participation from both private and public sectors – along with mobile medical units – in a journey across the country combining awareness with early detection and screening tests for one and all.

The Ride has become a symbol of the journey breast cancer patients go through during treatment. The Pink Caravan hopes to achieve increased awareness levels which will subsequently reduce the impact of this disease on our society through early detection.

Speaking on the occasion, HE Ameera Binkaram, President of the Board of Trustees and a founding member of the Friends of Cancer Patients charitable society said, “Over the past three years, the Pink Caravan Ride achieved momentous success, as thousands of men and women around the UAE underwent the breast cancer early detection tests. The ride has attracted proactive participation from society members and public figures from all walks of life, and we hope to intensify and build further on the success of the previous years. The ride will raise awareness as well as funds to help provide the latest anti-cancer technology and make it available to UAE community”

She added, “Pink Caravan’s awareness efforts and screenings that are conducted during the Ride improve chances of detecting breast cancer in its early stages, thus increasing survival rate by up to 95 percent. This reflects on the importance of the efforts exerted by our volunteers, ambassadors, and partners in protecting the society. We encourage everyone to register and participate in the 2014 Ride, which we hope will achieve even greater success, reaching out to all social segments across the country. Needless to say, our dedicated team of volunteers has played a crucial role in Pink Caravan’s success story.”
The Pink Caravan Ride is accompanied by medical teamsand mobile mammography units, which provide free of charge early detection tests to all.

The medical programme is further supported by an awareness effort, which educates individuals and families on the importance of self-examination and early detection. Over the past three years, 22,877 men and women around the UAE have received breast cancer screenings, via more than 250 mobile medical units.

For more information please contact:
0552223432 / 0557971344.