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Private business, technology university set for Jeddah

The Saudi government has approved establishing a private business and technology university in Jeddah, Arab News has reported. "The new private university will be established, transforming existing colleges," said higher education minister, Khaled Al-Anqari. The ministry has also approved the establishment of nine new colleges under various Saudi universities, Al-Anqari added. These include a university college in Adham near Al-Laith (under Umm Al-Qura), a college of law in Jeddah (King Abdulaziz University), a college of medicine and college of engineering in Bisha (King Khaled), a college of science and computer engineering in Hafr Al-Baten (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), a university college in Sabya (Jazan), a college of arts and science in Oyoun Al-Jawa (Qassim), a college of petroleum and geology at King Fahd University, and a college of dentistry at Princess Nourah University.