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Private Club industry in MENA launches SCI University

This tailor-made university is a huge leap forward in terms of ‘at-work’ training for private clubs.

Signature Clubs International (SCI), the developer and operator of the Capital Clubs in Dubai, Bahrain and Nairobi, this week announced the launch of its new SCI University, an innovative web-based platform set to revolutionize staff training.

Created in conjunction with the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), the portal has been created for SCI’s operating Clubs, all of which are premier private Clubs serving business, philanthropic and social leaders in the Middle East and East Africa.

CMAA is the largest professional association for managers of membership clubs with 6,500 members worldwide. Its members operate more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town and yacht clubs. Through CMAA’s ClubSolutions, clubs have access to advisory services and industry-leading best practices for clubs.

The University is a dynamic, fully integrated and interactive platform housing more than 200 training modules covering all aspects of the Club business including health & safety, service standards, management and leadership. In addition, club managers can track each employee’s progress making recordkeeping a breeze.

SCI CEO Russell Matcham commented: “This tailor-made university is a huge leap forward in terms of ‘at-work’ training for private clubs. Our almost 300 staff across our three Clubs will benefit from necessary knowledge and self-advancement tools to help them develop their skills and accelerate their growth. We want our staff to grow within our organization not elsewhere and this University will definitely set them up for progression.”