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Qatar Leadership Academy partners with ICDL to strengthen ICT skills of today’s generation

Qatar Leadership Academy, an educational institution established by Qatar Foundation in collaboration with Qatar Armed Forces, and ICDL GCC Foundation, an organization under the authority of ICDL Arabia that promotes digital skills and cyber safety across the region, recently entered into a strategic partnership to facilitate the delivery of the ICDL certification program at the academy. The certification program equips both teachers and students with world-class information and communications technology (ICT) skills, enabling them to gain an unparalleled advantage in today’s digital world and learn more about the emerging markets, latest technologies and cyber threats.

The latest tie-up between the two organizations means that Qatar Leadership Academy is now accredited to provide lectures, trainings, and examinations to be carried out by certified teachers and examiners. The school community will benefit from the highly flexible and updated NEW ICDL program, which allows learners to combine various modules that are best suited to their requirements. The modules represent a different level of digital proficiency and skills. They are categorized as Base, Standard, and Advanced.

The Base Profile comprises four modules focusing on essential computer skills. Standard Profile contains all four Base modules plus three additional modules aimed at enhancing the skills in knowledge areas that are appropriate for everyday life or for any job role. The Advanced Profile, meanwhile, equips the learners with advanced skills in four of the most

commonly used computer applications. Students may combine any of the modules to create their individual ICDL Profile. ICDL currently offers 13 modules.

Mr. Yousef Al Mansouri, Business Support Manager at Qatar Leadership Academy, said: “With strong ICT skills, teachers at the academy will be able to harness the power of technology to provide a more interactive and efficient teaching process, while students – with an enriched education experience – will be better prepared for life, work, and further learning. Learners can expect up-to-date lectures and hands-on trainings – which will then be validated by a test – when taking up the NEW ICDL program. They will be empowered and they will gain the needed confidence to succeed in today’s age. This is the reason we recommend the program to both our teachers and students. Our partnership with ICDL GCC is indeed a welcome development.”

Jamil Ezzo, Director General of ICDL GCC Foundation, said: “We are honored to team up with Qatar Leadership Academy in this important initiative to promote digital literacy in academic institutions and make today’s generation more computer literate. We do this by strengthening their ICT skills and knowledge, targeting important areas to help them succeed. Further, we make sure that their ICT competencies are at par with the rest of the world, making them highly competitive in the global arena. Our partnership with the academy will further help us attain our goals and mission.”