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Qatar National Convention Centre attracts world renowned shows

The international production of Peter Pan selects QNCC as the host for its show in Qatar

Get ready for a show stopping extravaganza as JM Barrie’s Peter Pan promises to delight families at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

Performed on the custom built stage in QNCC’s spacious Exhibition Hall, the performance will excite audiences, both young and old, with an enchanting story of the boy who refused to grow up.

This international musical production of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan will be brought to life with actors performing dazzling flying sequences utilizing state-of-the-art suspension equipment. The Convention Centre will provide its expert sound and lighting equipment, as well as its projection system that will elevate the show with surround CGI projections, which will provide audiences with a one of a kind experience.

“As the venue of choice for family entertainment shows, especially those that are willing to travel from nearby countries and immerse themselves in international and regional theatre, we are thrilled to bring JM Barrie’s Peter Pan to life,” said Ken Jamieson, General Manager, QNCC. “Our venue is extraordinarily versatile, it can be a beautiful ice skating rink for one show and an immersive stage complete with suspension and CGI equipment for the next.”

“We are committed, today more than ever, to elevating Qatar as an entertainment hub for friends and families from around the entire region. Our ambition is to completely align ourselves with our Leadership and bring the Qatar National Vision 2030 to life by contributing to the social environment that encourages tourism,” said Saleh Johar Al Mohammed, Chief Operating Officer, AMLAK.

Josef Komives, Events and Entertainment Manager, Elegancia, said: “We entertain global audiences and chose to stage our spectacular show at QNCC due to the venue’s versatility. Our show requires expert technology as it is quite technically involved; for this reason we require a venue that will not only bring our event to life, but that will ensure all the capabilities for it. We look forward to enchanting audiences this October. Elegancia is very pleased to be working with Music Hall to bring this amazing show to you.”

Wouter Schotel, Tour Manager, Music Hall, said:”We are extremely excited to bring Peter Pan to Qatar and have enjoyed working alongside Elegancia to bring this stage show to life.”

The QNCC Exhibition Hall can seat 4,000 audience members in a comfortable setting. Before the show and during intermissions audiences will be treated to snacks from its food and beverage outlets. A multi-level covered parking facility with space for 3,200 cars, 43 coaches and 59 taxis is located adjacent to QNCC and is connected to it via air-conditioned passages with 270-metre long “travellators”.
JM Barrie’s Peter Pan will run from October 1st to 9th at the Qatar National Convention Centre. For ticket purchases customers can visit Virgin Megastore.