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Qatar University, Silatech, Occidental Petroleum Qatar develop Nasmou program to mentor young engineers

Qatar University’s College of Engineering (QU-CENG) has partnered with Silatech and Occidental Petroleum Qatar (Oxy Qatar) on the creation of “Nasmou”, a specially-designed four-day personal development program aimed at helping Qatari students transition into the workplace. Over 30 CENG senior students will participate in the first pilot workshop, which will be held on February 8-12.

The agreement was signed yesterday by QU Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Dr Mazen Hasna, Silatech CEO Dr Tarik M Yousef, and Oxy Qatar President and General Manager Mr Stephen Kelly.

Delivered by the UK-based leadership development organization Common Purpose Charitable Trust, Nasmou will take students out of the classroom to explore real-life experiences in the workplace.

Students will be oriented on carefully-designed techniques and exercises, as well as mentored by Oxy Qatar senior executives to develop the skills, competencies and mindset needed to be equipped for a successful career.

The program will help them to better understand their emotions and how to express themselves, as well as how to cross cultural divides and thrive in a multicultural environment.

On completion of the program, selected students will be offered an internship opportunity at Oxy Qatar that will provide an opportunity to further strengthen and practice the skills they gained during the workshop.

Dr Hasna said: “Qatar University encourages all aspects of collaboration with public and private sector entities in a way that boosts the university’s development, progress and output. Students
are our main assets, and this agreement holds to our resolve to graduate highly-qualified students who meet industry expectations”.

Dr Yousef said: “A large part of our focus at Silatech involves preparing young people for the workplace by helping to make them more employable. Nasmou is designed to give young people a taste of the working world and boost their employability; importantly, it exemplifies the type of partnership for youth between the private sector, academia and the NGO community that is needed not only in Qatar, but throughout the region.”

Mr Kelly: “Oxy Qatar is very pleased to partner with Qatar University and Silatech to launch the Nasmou program. Programs such as this provide students the opportunity to experience and prepare for the workplace. We hope Nasmou will play a significant role in preparing students for their careers as well as helping to develop future leaders. We are confident participants and employers will benefit from the skills students will acquire and transfer to the workplace.”

Commenting on the initiative, CENG dean Dr Rashid Alammari said: “Our students are being provided with optimum opportunities to succeed in their professional and personal lives. In partnering with Silatech and Oxy Qatar on this program, CENG is highlighting its commitment to QU’s institutional vision to produce excellent graduates to contribute to the fast-changing labor market in Qatar”.