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Qatar’s 2016 exports to hit $98 billion

Study forecasts nation’s exports of goods and services to witness quantum leap during year

A study, conducted by the Inter-Arab Investment Guarantees Corporation, that monitors Qatar economy’s performance and its attractiveness estimated government spending at 33.4 per cent of the state’s GDP, which the corporation estimated at $205.3 billion.

The commercial account balance will amount to $10.2bn and register five per cent of the total GDP, the corporation indicates.

The study, published by Qatar-based Alraya newspaper, forecasts Qatari exports of goods and services to witness a quantum leap during 2016 and reach $98bn, compared with $87.7bn in 2015.

Meanwhile, the study expected Qatar’s imports of goods and services to reach $68.5bn in 2016 from $64bn in 2015.

The Inter-Arab Investment Guarantees Corporation forecasts the total official reserves to maintain its level in 2016 at $32.9bn, compared with $33.1bn in 2015.

The corporation also forecasts GDP per capita in Qatar to reach $79,500 during the current year.

(US$1 = AED3.67, at the time of publishing)