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QCC hosts workshop

Workshop Highlights Mechanism for Verifying Amount of Liquefied Gas in LPG Cylinders

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC), the entity responsible for developing quality infrastructure and raising awareness on quality standards in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, hosted a workshop on the mandatory requirements for LPG cylinders.

The session highlighted the mechanism for verifying the amount of liquefied gas in LPG cylinders at filling plants.

At the workshop, QCC urged manufacturers, fillers and distributors of LPG to conform to the legal metrological requirements for LPG filling plants, outlining their individual responsibilities in ensuing compliance to the amountmandated for prepackaged containers.

QCC additionally emphasized the need to cooperate with inspectors to ensure that the amount of gas in LPG cylinders sold in Abu Dhabi is accurate and conforms to the legal metrology requirements and regulations.

The workshop also examined the regulations issued by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) pertaining to the amount, types and sizes of cylinders and the safety of filling sites. Furthermore, it presented the results of the continued collaboration between QCC and its strategic partner ADNOC Distribution to verify the weight of gas in cylinders at its filling plants.

During the workshop, QCC officials also stressed the need to match the data mentioned on the cylinder label including the nominal quantity and measurement units used with the actual quantity contained in various cylindertypes.

Mohamed Helal Al Balooshi, Acting Director of Marketing and Communications at QCC, said: “The workshop articulates QCC’s priority to protect the rights of consumers, manufacturers and distributors of LPG. It is our aim that our efforts will eventually serve the broader interests of local society and economy. In addition to ensuring that the pre-packaged containers do not violate the relevant measurement requirements, the workshop seeks to promote the quality of products and enhance consumer confidence in markets. This will in turn strengthen the competitiveness of local economy and create a safer and fairer market in the emirate.”

QCC rolled out the pre-packaged container verification service in 2013 in a phased manner. The first phase involved the verification of canned product sold at supermarkets and retail outlets by collecting random samples from markets and based on the complaints received from consumers.
The Council also set up a laboratory to verify the amount of pre-packaged products in November 2012. The laboratory is run by skilled Emiratis who are trained to conduct verification procedures effectively.
As part of the second phase, QCC visited local factories in the emirate to verify the accuracy of pre-packaged products. This was conducted in the third quarter of 2014. While third phase of the verification drive targeted filling plants and filling stations in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to verify the amount of liquefied gas in LPG cylinders, the fourth addressed LPG distributors approved by ADNOC for theseamless supply LPG gas in Abu Dhabi emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council was established in 2009 to raise the quality of the emirate’s exports and locally traded products, while protecting the interests of consumers and supporting the UAE’s competitive economy. This is achieved through empowering regulators to establish and implement product safety, legal metrology and conformity schemes. QCC also sets guidelines and benchmarks to identify and verify that the products manufactured and traded in Abu Dhabi conform to the highest quality standards.