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RAFAL reviews its strategy for the coming years with A.T. Kearney Global Management Firm

RAFAL, the premier in real estate development innovation had reviewed its expansion strategy philosophy for the coming years in collaboration with the global management firm – A.T. Kearney. The aim is to produce prominent international strategies extended by A.T. Kearney, which takes Riyadh as its base, whom had provided such services for the most renowned companies worldwide.

RAFAL’s collaboration with A.T. Kearney is essentially to provide an innovative and advanced methodologies to better serve its clients, through developing and consolidating the expertise and qualifications of its valued team, thus better facing current challenges and future opportunities available in the real estate market within the Kingdom.


RAFAL’s strategy is a culmination of its achievements since its establishment, by developing 809 residential units within distinguished communities. The strategy will reflect the innovation of more than 3,950 residential units over the next 5 years in residential communities’ environment with cost of over 5.1 billion Saudi Riyals.


During an interview with the Managing Director, Mr. Majed Al Hogail, he said: “Today, RAFAL leads the dynamic lifestyle pattern that requires an enriched, homogeneous social environment, as well as common facilities which represent residential communities desired by many Saudi and expatriate families. We at RAFAL are investing in new strategic locations and developing unique residential communities. Our growth strategy covers the Kingdom with new and bold opportunities within a prosperous real estate investment in the Kingdom; especially that it has the privilege of excellent political stability and economic growth, which will yield opportunities for sovereign investors and financial sector. It will also highlight the means for investors to position attractive and lucrative opportunities, this made RAFAL wish to enrich its expertise and support its investors through an expert consultant such as A.T. Kearney.”


Al Hogail also implied: “The challenge facing the real estate market in the Kingdom is interesting, where it requires a consistency between the way of business and the regulations and challenges faced by the sector, therefore , the performance has to be distinguished in order to be amongst the leading real estate development companies in the Middle East. A Quantum Leap is consequently needed by the company staff, characterizing them with higher capabilities that keep pace with the development of real estate market. To successfully achieve this change, it is important to provide training and consulting opportunities, as well as sourcing for international expertise in management and strategy to improve effective client services. This requires a complement of technological solidarity considered a singular mark in the policy of the company that has achieved its high expertise in few years.


On the other hand, Mr. Matthieu De Clercq, Regional Business Development Manager at A.T. Kearney said: “International companies are always seeking opportunities to develop and reintegrate its members and implement plans and strategies for its activities and businesses, thus creating a competitive environment.  Many growing companies in the region are following the footsteps of international firms thus benefiting from their expertise. What we have perceived with RAFAL, is the level of development and the high professionalism of its working team, add to that its exceptional accomplishments, and its commitment to constant development of its team and vision. This greatly facilitates advancement. What we have accomplished with RAFAL’s working team, though producing a strategy for the coming years and a well-built working plan will reflect positively on the company God willing.”