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RAK College of Dental Sciences Medical Centre achieves accreditation from Joint Commission International

RAK College of Dental Sciences Medical Centre F.Z.C has received international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in improving the quality of healthcare.

“Healthcare Organizations around the world want to create environments that focus on quality, safety and continuous improvement,” says Paula Wilson, President and Chief Executive Office, JCI.

Mr Hassan Mohammed Khan CEO of RAKCODS MC said we sought accreditation because we want to provide the best care possible for our patients. This accomplishment crowns a year of achievements for our Dental Clinic. Each and every member of the Clinic team is proud to have played a part in this major accomplishment. Earning JCI accreditation is another step towards excellence. Our vision is to be a leading dental centre in the UAE and the GCC region, dedicated to the pursuit of patient centric approach, as well as making valuable contribution to the community in oral healthcare, he added.

This accreditation reflects our mission to continually improve our customer care and offer high quality affordable Oral healthcare according to international standards. I would like to congratulate the entire team including doctors, administrators, and health care providers whose hard work and dedication to excellence helped to achieve this honour,” commented Dr. Muhammed Mustahsen Rahman Clinic Director RAKCODS MC. Providing high quality care is a team effort and one that gives employees a feeling of prestige to work in an accredited organization, he added.

Dr. Osama Khattak, Clinic Manager RAKCODS MC, said that the accreditation by JCI helps us maintain our objective to continually enhance the services and patient safety in our hospital. With the skills and expertise of our Dentists, we will maintain the standards that our patients expect from our team. Our Patient satisfaction, accuracy in procedures like radiology, medication and patient centric approach will lead us towards achieving the high standards.

The pride and happiness is palpable amongst our entire team and healthcare professionals in the Clinic. We are proud to be part of an institution that is accredited by the highest accrediting body in the world, said Atiq ur Rehman Administrative Head RAKCODS.

In collaboration with healthcare organizations in more than 90 countries, JCI, the leading health care accreditor in the US since 1994, sets the international standards, which enhance healthcare service levels both in terms of quality and patient safety. JCI is dedicated to improving quality of healthcare through voluntary accreditation. JCI’s uniform, high standards for patient care and safety are designed to be adaptable to local needs, thus accommodating legal, religious and cultural factors within a country.

Standards focus on the areas that most directly impact patient care. These include both clinical care and organizational management standards, such as access to care, assessment of patients, infection control, patient and family rights, and education. Standards also address facility management and safety, staff qualifications, quality improvement and patient safety, organizational governance and leadership and management of information and communications.