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RAKBANK hosts workshop in Dubai

RAKBANK inspires future generation to protect the UAE’s environmental landscape .

RAKBANK hosted a workshop with leading conservationist and vet, Dr Anne-Lise Chaber and youth Emirati environmentalist Ameera Al Haranki, ahead of a Dubai British School conservation expedition to South Africa taking place this summer.

The expedition team and 40 Year 10 GCSE geographers attended the RAKBANK workshop, promoting conservation awareness and sustainability both at home, in South Africa and worldwide.

The two spokespeople were Dr Anne-Lise Chaber, from The Wildlife Organisation, who heads up the RAKBANK funded Wildlife Project, and environmental role model, Ameera Al Haranki, giving insights from her RAKBANK sponsored two week environmental expedition to the Antarctic earlier this year.

Financed by their own fundraising, four sixth form student, studying A-Levels, and a Geography teacher will beworking with local communities and the South African Government to manage and conserve the country’s wildlife.The project will take place in one of the largest game reserves in Africa, the Kruger National Park, and Sodwana Bay, a narrow strip of sand dunes located on the east coast of South Africa.

Through this workshop RAKBANK aims to inspire not only the geographers participating in the expedition and their peer group but the next generation to get involved with environmental projects and preserve the UAE’s landscape.