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RAKBANK turns to NCR to transform its banking services

NCR’s security software and services will enhance current ATM security environment and network availability to deliver improved customer protection and convenience

NCR Corporation, (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced that National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah (“RAKBANK”)–one of the leading banks in the UAE– is transforming its banking services by turning to NCR for a host of services,security software and other technologies to enhance its current ATM security environment and service availability.

The entire solution includes 60 new NCR SelfServ ATMs to run with NCR Predictive Services and Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) technology. In addition, RAKBANK will deploy NCR Solid core Suite for APTRA across the bank’s entire ATM network, which includes ATMs from another vendor.

“We turned to NCR to improve our banking environment as NCR possesses unique services capability in the country and proven security technologies to help us drive customer loyalty and experiences,” said Sanjay Khanna, Chief Information Officer, RAKBANK.

“Ensuring the availability of secure and reliable services is vital to growing our customers’ trust in the Bank. With the help of NCR, we are in a better position to identify service faults,reduce downtime, and protect our customers from the latest fraud and skimming attacks,” he added.

NCR Solid core Suite for APTRA will run on both the newly purchased NCR SelfServ ATMs and 240 units of ATMs from another vendor.NCR Solid core Suite for APTRA is the most comprehensive ATM white listing software that proactively protects ATMs from insider attacks by preventing the introduction of unauthorized code on the network, and maintaining its integrity and availability.

In line with RAKBANK’s commitment to constantly enhance customer service and the Bank’s security, the newly purchased NCR SelfServ ATMs will run on NCR’s Predictive Services technology,a unique technology that anticipates ATM failures before they occur and proactively schedules fixes to maximize up time.

“Our solutions will help drive a trusted and highly available banking environment. Earning the trust from RAKBANK to transform its banking services is a strong recognition of NCR’s proven technologies as the bank has been relied on a single ATM vendor all along,” said Hanna Habib, NCR managing director for South Gulf.“We are confident that these solutions will drive ATM availability and customer loyalty of RAKBANK to a new level,” Hanna added.