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Rawabi Holding’s Talent Exhibit continues to inspire Saudi youth

The Exhibit’s 5th round has expanded on the Kingdom’s map to cover both Tabuk and Jeddah.

Rawabi Holding Group launched the 4th and final round of the 5th Rawabi Talent Exhibit at the Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Centre (Scitech) in Al-Khobar on Thursday (April 23, 2015) with the presence of Group Chairman Sheikh Abdulaziz AlTurki and a number of personalities.

The event was held under the patronage of the Governor of the Eastern Province Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, in partnership with the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

The first round of the Exhibit was launched in Riyadh, followed by Jeddah and Tabuk, where it witnessed a huge participation from boys and girls who discovered their potentialsthroughthe 3 different stages of the exhibition: discover yourself, discover your options and discover your future. Rawabi Talent Exhibit kicked off on April 19 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and will wind up on May 2.

The Exhibit’s digital platform “Akoon” documentary series showcases stories of successful young Saudi professionals who narrate their unique experiences as inspiration and motivation for youth. Produced by Rawabi Holding, this series,broadcasted on the Youtube channel “SceenTV”, utilizes the role of media in imparting programs aimed at providing opportunities to the young generation.

Ibrahim Al-Moaiqel, Director General of HRDF, highlighted the importance of the strategic partnership with the private sector to provide training opportunities for the students.

“Our partnership with Rawabi Holding Group focuses on improving the levels of success towards human development through speeding up the pace of training and molding the youth as qualified candidates for jobs that suit their orientations.

The Rawabi Talent Exhibit proved to be a pioneer in providing the young generation with a clear well-rounded vision in the future,” he pointed out.

Sheikh Abdulaziz AlTurki, Rawabi Holding Group Chairman, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Prince Saud Bin Nayef Al-Saud for sponsoring the event. “We have successfully committed to the promises we set for the Exhibit as it has now expanded across different cities of the Kingdom. This success is based on solid trust with the HRDF and the Ministry of Education as we were keen on achieving a groundbreaking improvement yet ahead,” he said.

Moreover,he noted that “the Exhibit has proven to be a pioneer in development plans which emphasized on targeting community issues. The Exhibit’s 5th round, which was launched in Riyadh back in November 2014, has expanded on the Kingdom’s map to cover both Tabuk and Jeddah and close the round in Al-Khobar where it had all started.”

AlTurki commended the Group’s efforts in further empowering the youth as the fifth round comes to an end. He said the Exhibit’s success is a benchmark for discovering and crafting the career orientation of thousands of young boys and girls.