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RCSI Bahrain signs training agreement with BIBF

RCSI Bahrain has signed a training agreement with BIBF for staff training and development.

The objective of the training agreement is to enable each individual at RCSI Bahrain to reach their full potential and develop collective excellence to meet the strategic objectives of the University.

The President of RCSI Bahrain, Professor Sameer Otoom said “RCSI Bahrain strives to develop healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide. Hence, it is crucial that our staff are equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to achieve our goals.”

BIBF is a professional world-class provider of education and training solutions to the financial sector, other organisations and individuals, in their pursuit of excellence through lifelong learning.

The Head of RCSI Bahrain’s Professional Development Unit, Dr Kathryn Strachan said “the BIBF philosophy of ‘Leading Excellence’ is very much in line with RCSI Bahrain’s and we are looking forward to working closely with BIBF in developing the skills our staff have in various areas.”

BIBF has over 300 programmes on offer in a range of specialist areas of expertise, namely Banking, Accounting and IT, Insurance, Islamic Banking, Leadership and Management disciplines (including Marketing) and has a centre dedicated to Academic programmes and Executive development.