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Real estate investors inject AED81 billion into Dubai economy

UAE nationals remained in the lead with a total investment of AED16bn through 3,267 deals

More than 29,500 local and foreign real estate investors from 155 nationalities injected AED81 billion into the economy of the emirate of Dubai in the first nine months of the current year.

UAE real estate investors remained in the lead, with the value of property deals and investments conducted by UAE nationals reaching AED16bn through 3,267 deals.

Saudis increased their investments to a total of AED5bn during the nine-month period followed by Qataris, Kuwaitis, Omanis and Bahrainis.

In total, GCC nationals accounted for roughly AED24bn of the total value of real estate sales during the January-September period, according to the data published by the Dubai Land Department’s Real Estate Research and Studies Administration.

Jordanians came in first place among Arab nationals in terms of real estate investments and purchases in Dubai, injecting nearly AED2bn, followed by Lebanese (AED1.7bn); Egyptians (AED1.3bn) and Iraqis (AED1.2bn).

The overall value of real estate sales by Arab nationals (other than GCC nationals) amounted to AED9bn by 4,159 investors.
Top non-Arab foreign investors included nationals from India (AED13bn) followed by Canadians, Russians, Chinese, Americans, French and Afghans.