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Expert opinion: Recruiters, or mere Middlemen? Think again.

Job recruiters should not be underestimated in furthering the careers of applicants- They are key.

Recruitment agencies act as an extension to HR departments, sourcing and attracting the most suitable talents Recruitment agencies will always work with a company’s proposed salary for a role and find the best-suited candidate to take on a placement According to LinkedIn, only 12% of the workforce is actively looking for jobs, but 85% is open to hearing about new opportunities

By Amir Reza, Founder and CEO of Harmony Connections.

In today’s digiworld culture, finding what we need has become child’s play – easy, simple and fun. Whether you’re on the hunt for a rare-to-find collectible, deals on everyday activities, or, in the ever-changing landscape of business, a suitable job placement.

A 2018 job forecast reported more employment opportunities will open up for job seekers in UAE in 2019 as corporate heads are increasingly becoming confident about their company’s growth prospects. However, when it comes to hiring the right candidate, is it as easy as a jobseeker finding an ad?  With social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, is it easier to share open placements without being bombarded with resumes that may not fit the profile?

Cue recruitment agencies. 

Amir Reza, Founder and CEO of UAE-based recruitment agency, Harmony Connections, shares the top 4 reasons why recruitment agencies are not just mere middlemen, but add value to companies who are on the hunt for talent:

Bridging the gap

Recruitment agencies act as an extension to the HR departments of their clients, whereby they help and support them in sourcing and attracting the most suitable talents for them. The HR departments of most companies are far too busy managing the daily business and operations, therefore, making it challenging to source and attract quality talent. Recruitment agencies have an internal database supported by a huge network of talent in the region which allows them to select the right candidate for the right job.  Many companies do not want to be seen headhunting from their competition and by using recruitment agencies, they not only work stealthily but efficiently.

Table by: NADIA Global’s Salary Survey 2019

Filtering and discretion

In the Middle East, when companies advertise a position, they are bombarded with applicants who, unfortunately, do not meet the criteria. In such cases, the filtering process of eliminating unsuitable candidates becomes a time-consuming and long-winded process. Enter recruitment agencies. Not only saving time and money, but recruiters also help companies to work with situations where current employees may need to be replaced and a new, right candidate for the position needs to be sourced discretely

A friend indeed!

Any good recruitment agency will be aware of their clients’ “likes” and “dislikes”, hence, the agency helps candidates in the preparation process to ensure they are successful. If you are working with a good and professional agency, they may roleplay with you, provide you with information about the interviewee and the company facts as well as providing you with interview tips and tricks. Most good agencies conduct a thorough interview with each candidate to bring them one step closer to achieve their dream job. On the other hand, the recruitment agency also briefs the company of their findings and explain why they feel a particular candidate is suitable for the role.

Negotiate salaries

Dreading the money talk? Recruiters to the rescue. Recruitment agencies will always work with a company’s proposed salary for a role and find the best-suited candidate to take on a placement. However, should there be a salary dispute from the candidate’s or even the company’s end, recruiters step into level the field and help negotiate till both parties are satisfied.

According to LinkedIn, only 12 percent of the workforce is actively looking for jobs, but 85 percent is open to hearing about new opportunities. In addition to the top 4 points, recruiters don’t just wait for a quality candidate to walk through the door – they’ll (professionally) troll your competitors and the marketplace for people in similar positions to see if anyone is interested in job openings.

Because they live and breathe recruiting, recruitment agencies have the time, means and efficiency to identify and reach out to passive candidates in methods that may not seem feasible for MNCs and businesses operating more than 100 employees.

As they play matchmaker in the industry, it is imperative to understand the importance of recruitment agencies in a region that is booming with opportunities and awaits Expo 2020 in less than 12 months. 

Harmony Connections is a boutique recruitment consultancy service, specializing in talent sourcing and acquisition within luxury retail, nationalization, technical (engineering), FMCG/consumer goods, support staff and temporary placements.