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The Regulation and Supervision Bureau showcases a world-class sector

The Regulation and Supervision Bureau (the Bureau) is set to attract attention from across the region and the world, at this year’s 3rd edition of the International Water Summit 2015, taking place from 19 to 22 January at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The Bureau’s participation for the 3rd consecutive year will help drive understanding of its role and contribution to Abu Dhabi’s world-class water, wastewater and electricity sector.

The Bureau’s Acting Director General, Saif Al Qubaisi said “The sustainability of our precious resources is a pressing global issue. Our participation will connect us with world leaders, international policy makers, investors, and experts, all of whom are seeking practical and sustainable solutions for today’s water and energy security challenges. Our presence and showcased projects demonstrate our role in ensuring the continued availability of water, electricity and wastewater services, and the progress we are making towards our leadership’s 2030 vision and goals of conserving our resources for future generations.”

The Bureau will be showcasing its projects using a unique blend of the latest technology accompanied with engaging content, to raise awareness of the numerous initiatives and programmes running across the Emirate particularly those carried out by its Waterwise and Powerwise offices.

Visitors can experience a unique interactive stand, where they can play the popular Waterwise and Powerwise games, and engage in several exciting augmented reality (AR) activities.

“We have been working tirelessly with a range of stakeholders in projects, initiatives, and awareness campaigns to help guide strategy and inform policies that will strengthen the Emirate’s ability to be more water and energy efficient,” concluded Al Qubaisi.

With over 32,000 global stakeholders from the water, energy, and environment sectors visiting Abu Dhabi to participate, the Bureau’s ‘s presence at IWS 2015 provides an excellent platform to network and share the results of some of its initiatives designed to inform the efficient management of water and energy resources, in Abu Dhabi and in the region.

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