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Return on Emiratis’ real estate investments abroad up 10 per cent

This will boost investors’ requests to buy residential units; companies introducing special offers

The return on Emiratis’ real estate investments abroad increased by more than ten per cent in several Arab and international cities.

This increase has contributed to boosting Emirati investors’ requests to buy residential units for the purpose of investment, according to real estate officials and experts.

Real estate experts say the current period is witnessing competition among local and foreign real estate companies to provide some facilities to market residential units at competitive prices in several countries, such as Britain, Morocco, Thailand, Turkey and Jordan, in order to encourage Emirati investors to buy real estate abroad.

They add that Return on Investment (ROI) rose in some real estate projects abroad to approximately 14 per cent, indicating that the UAE acquired a large proportion of real estate projects in several foreign countries, which are marketed through local real estate companies, according to UAE-based Al Ittihad.

During three real estate exhibitions – Abu Dhabi Property Market, Elite real estate exhibition and Cityscape Abu Dhabi – companies introduced special offers for buyers including discounts on the purchase of residential units in some countries, such as Turkey and Morocco, UAE-based Al Arabiya says.

They also offered payment facilities extending up to five years and without advance payment, as well as free airline tickets for customers who wish to visit projects abroad upon the payment of their first down payment.