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Revealed: How to get promoted to a better position

There has always been a debate on how to get promoted. A recent Life Pro Tip on Reddit said: “Making yourself irreplaceable is a sure way not to get promoted.”

AMEinfo conducted a survey targeted towards the regular employee, and we also checked what HR managers said on: What is the best way to get promoted?

We found out that the best way to get promoted is hard work (42%). One respondent said: “When we work hard we show our boss that we’re ready for the next step, not just doing what we’re asked to do.”

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Make your boss obsolete

“The best way to get promoted is to make your boss’ job easier. And the best way to do that is to make his or her job obsolete,” said The Muse. Now, don’t go running around and thinking you’re putting your manager out of a job.

But you’re allowing him/her to trust your work. In turn, he/she can focus on new areas that the higher-ups need to address. Strong work goes up the chain, improves the company, and gets you noticed.

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Sacrificing “work:life” ratio was another highly chosen answer (14%), but again this is a little controversial.

When sacrificing your life, for your work, you are essentially running on low energy.

So, HR managers suggest you keep a happy face and a positive vibe in the office, according to Muse.

This, to the higher-ups, will seem that you can handle pressure and increased work in the future, yet, it is important not to burn yourself out.

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An inside man gets you closer to that job

The next answer had minuscule responses (7%).

Getting close to your boss is another good way to increase your chances.

HR managers said that “It seems quite simple. However, sometimes management may not know you want a promotion or has not thought of you as a candidate, especially if it’s outside of your current department. Often management will tell you what you need to do to get the position if they know you want it,” reported The Muse.