Complex Made Simple

Riyad Bank launches its all-new website

Riyad Bank has completely revamped its website as part of its efforts to improve customer service and user experience. The new site, which is now live, is part of the Bank’s e-services strategy, to enable its customers access to a wide range of services from anywhere and at any time over the internet.

“Our new website is adaptive and will form the platform for the next generation of e-banking services that will delight our customers,” said Shrouq Al-Hadyan, e-banking manager at Riyad Bank.

“Our new site is simpler to use and offers more interactivity whilst also providing greater security for customer data and banking transactions. We believe in e-banking and our aim is to ensure that customers have access to everything they need in a simple, effective manner through our new site.”

Riyad Bank has pioneered the development of e-banking through the launch of several web-based services and mobile applications. Internet banking is available to both Retail and Corporate customers through Riyad Online and Riyad Online Corporate. In addition to that there’s a mobile application for Retail customers and Riyad Line for all the Bank’s customers. Riyad Bank also offers its customers the ability to bank via a network of more than 2,500 ATMs spread across the Kingdom.