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ROTA introduces interviewing process to screen EMPOWER 2014 Youth Conference applicants

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), Qatar’s leading educational not-for-profit organization has received a record number of online registration applications for the 6th EMPOWER Youth Conference 2014 taking place at Qatar Foundation Student Center, Doha from 27th till 29th of March.

To cope with more than 975 youth who have registered for this year’s conference, ROTA, has introduced for the first time, in collaboration with the Family Consulting Center in Doha, an interviewing process to screen every applicant.

To maintain the yearly success of the conference, ROTA recently hosted an interview workshop to train and equip the ROTA youth advisory board on interviewing skills. These youths will interview all applicants before being accepted and attend the yearly conference.

EMPOWER 2014 expects to attract up to 450 youth between the ages of 16 and 26 with a strong 3-day conference focusing on Leadership, Service Learning and Global Citizenship. In particular, organizers will be integrating Sports, Environment, Skills Development and the Arabic language as key themes of the EMPOWER 2014 program.

“EMPOWER 2014 is a unique platform for youth to discover their voice, realize their potential to make a positive contribution and develop their skills, understanding and attitudes to take an active leadership role within their communities,” explains ROTA Executive Director Essa Al Mannai.

“ROTA is working harder this year to ensure talented youth are taking advantage from this participation. For this, ROTA launched, for the first time since 5 years, the interviewing process that helps conducting efficient interviews with the students registered for the conference. This process aimed at choosing the most distinguished students to participate in Empower 2014,” he added.

“Through a combination of seminar, panel discussion, power speech, small group workshops, off-site visits, and a youth panel, our youth, coming from different backgrounds, will be able to share ideas, expertise, knowledge and common grounds while improving their talents and abilities,” Al Mannai noted.

EMPOWER 2014 aims to build on the success of five previous EMPOWER conferences by continuing to raise awareness and build knowledge and capacity to enable young people to take leadership roles to address local and international developmental issues that concern them.

Following the success of 2013, ROTA will continue to invite regional youth activist this year. This will be a good platform for youth from different regions to network with the youth in Qatar; nine organizations from the United States of America, India, the United Kingdom, Lebanon and Qatar will take part in the conference and share their capabilities with Empower’s youth.

Since the event’s inauguration in 2009, EMPOWER has gained a reputation for being the first youth led conference in Qatar to focus on equipping young people to take active roles in building their communities and having a voice on global issues.

Demonstrating the wisdom of ROTA’s decision to ensure EMPOWER remains a youth-led conference, EMPOWER 2014 has been organized in collaboration with a Planning Committee comprised of 30 youth volunteers.

The Planning Committee serves EMPOWER by assisting ROTA in planning, implementing and coordinating certain elements of the conference. Whilst the Planning Committee attend planning meetings as well as allocating time and effort to implement their tasks, ROTA commits to provide training, workshops and a learning experience.

Among EMPOWER’s many outstanding achievements has been the event’s ability to promote and showcase the aims and outcomes of the ROTA Youth Service Club program to a wider audience.

This year the theme proposed for EMPOWER 2014 we will be Sports for Youth Empowerment.

For Reach Out To Asia, sport hugely matters. Not just because it is a great entertainment especially for youth, but being the vital part of raising up for every child in every country. Sport brings people together and teaches them important life lessons.

“EMPOWER 2014 will focus on Sports for Youth Empowerment. Through sport, people discover talents they never knew they had – how to strive to be the best you can be – the importance of teamwork – how to compete with dignity and generosity in victory or defeat,” said Al Mannai.

“ROTA is proud of the fact that EMPOWER has established its reputation as a forum for exchange of ideas, projects and reflections that address both local needs and global issues.”


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