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RSG’s Qasr Sabah offers post-handover easy payment plan for Ramadan

This Ramadan, RSG International, UAE’s prime real estate and property developers, announced ‘easy payment plan’ on their premium property, Qasr Sabah. RSG are the only developers in UAE to offer this payment plan especially in this holy month. With this ground-breaking payment plan, customers will be offered affordable property possession in Dubai, with nothing but maximum benefit for the buyers!

For single unit properties, the Ramadan promotion involves an easy ten-instalment payment plan that includes 4 payments after handover. The buyer will pay 5% of the total amount for booking as the first instalment, followed by 5% payment on bi-monthly basis for the next three instalments.

The fifth instalment is a 10% amount payment trailed by 30% payment on the handover which is in October 2015. The next four instalments will be of 10% payment that has to be made for next four regular intervals of six months consecutively. The instalments paid after the handover is almost like a 2-year loan without any interest!

For bulk buyers, the payment scheme is valid on purchase of 10 units or more. The first payment on the booking is 10% of the property value followed by the same amount after 4 months. The third instalment of 40% is to be made on the handover which is in October 2015 charted by 10% payment made for next four regular intervals of six months consecutively. Even for bulk buyers, the instalments to be paid after the handover are absolutely interest free!

Mr. Raj Sahni (Abu Sabah), Chairman RSG International, highlighted this opportunity for potential buyers saying, “Following the launch of Qasr Sabah, RSG International continues to seek new heights of success each day. After the global economic challenge, we were welcomed to be part of this thriving market and we proved to be distinctive. RSG’s Ramadan promotion is the perfect time to tap into opportunities for investment. We are confident that this promotion will effervescently pick up pace in the market and offer potential buyers a chance to own a premium property in Dubai with the convenience of payments over two years post-handover.”

In the wake of strong recovery in real estate market, RSG International has crafted an easy track for the potential investors for easy property purchase that has not been offered ever before. The contemporary design, supreme construction, and premium quality, complemented with the Ramadan promotion, RSG promises the highest value with each of its invested returns.

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