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RTA holds blood donation campaign in Dubai

“A drop of Blood Saves Life” allocated to patients suffering various illnesses.

The blood donation campaign recently held by the Administrative Services Department, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in its Head Office in Dubai, was hugely popular amongst RTA’s employees.

The blood collected through the event, which took place under the theme: “A drop of Blood Saves Life” allocated to patients suffering various illnesses, especially those admitted to hospitals in Dubai.

Mansour Rahama Al Falasi, Director of Administrative Services, at RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said: “The RTA is always keen on supporting humanitarian initiatives and all events of similar nature in keeping with its corporate responsibility towards various community members including bed-ridden patients in need of every drop of blood donated by healthy individuals.

“These activities are held in the context of the existing partnership and cooperation between the RTA and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) involving employees from various departments and sections who are keen on taking part in this humanitarian effort. The campaign stems out of RTA’s awareness of the importance of supporting humanitarian causes and assisting the needy besides bolstering the efforts of the UAE Blood Bank in providing blood to save many lives,” he said.

Al Falasi commended the existing cooperation between community organizations towards realizing common objectives such as diffusing the health education amongst employees about the importance of donating blood along with associated benefits not only the humanitarian, societal and health benefits accruing to the patient, but also to the donor. Moreover, it generates a desire among others to donate even a tiny amount of blood, as it will be good enough to save the life of a person. The blood donation exercise is a great opportunity for donors to verify their general wellbeing, and take necessary preventive measures, as appropriate,” he explained.

“Encouraging community members to donate blood to save the lives of patients is a perfect step towards nurturing the culture of volunteering in the community and passing it over to future generations rendering it an entitlement due to needy patients. The blood donation vehicle was parked at the front of RTA’s Head Office, and the campaign was not only popular within RTA’s employees, but also amongst customers who happened to be there at the time; which reflected a further spirit of cooperation and benevolence,” added Al Falasi.