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RTA holds workshop to educate employees about autism

The Women Committee, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently held a workshop to raise employees awareness about autism cases in collaboration with the Dubai and Sharjah Autism Centers.

The event is part of RTA’s community-oriented initiatives aimed at strengthening the bonds between various UAE entities, particularly those concerned with the disabled through providing all means of material and moral support towards realizing the objectives of integrating these categories in the community.

Ms. Kawther Kazim, Director of Human Resources and Development and Chairwoman of Women Committee of the RTA, said, “The RTA spares no effort in boosting the social communication with various external community organizations especially those concerned with societal and humanitarian issues, as well as centers concerned with the disabled children where autism is considered among the high conditions in children, particularly males, greatly impacting attitudes and behaviours of the child.”

“This workshop was held in the context of our keenness to act as one work team and realizing the principle of communication and interaction with community members suffering autism. Therefore we have opted to cooperate with the concerned bodies in the Dubai and Sharjah Autism Centers in delivering a lecture targeting RTA female employees. The lecture gave a full account about the symptoms of autism and how to deal with it in a bid to raise the awareness about the disease across the community, and foster the interest of providing every support to this category and communicating it to others in order to assist sufferers and enable them to become an integral and active segment in the community, particularly as scientific researches reveal that early intervention of treatment can greatly help the growth and evolution of abilities of these children, and impart in them skills that alleviate the severity of the symptoms,” she added.

For her part Moza Al Marri, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication and Deputy Chairwoman of RTA Women Committee, said: “The awareness workshop also included offering individual consultations to employees by specialists in both centers, and a number of individuals from or outside the RTA narrated their personal experiences in dealing with these conditions. A fun day was held for visiting autistic children at RTA premises through integrating them with the kids of RTA’s Nursery. Some products of the Dubai Autism Center were offered for sale, and a charitable initiative (Tabaq Al Kahir) was run with the proceeds provided to the Autism Center.

At the end of the workshop, Al Marri gave gifts to attendants and praised this visit as it reflected the effective communication between community organizations and the concerted efforts towards promoting the values & concepts of compassion amongst all community segments.