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RTA hosts sales promotion at head office

The promotional sales bazar recently held by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at its Head Office for two days was hugely popular amongst employees of various agencies and sectors, thanks to the diverse goods, services and offers made by the business community spanning various trading, tourist, financial, and health sectors among others in the UAE.

Mansour Rahma Al Falasi, Director of Administrative Services, RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said: “The RTA is always keen on bringing happiness to employees by adopting creative means including providing discounted goods and services in cooperation with several specialized entities for the benefit of employees in keeping with the commitment of the senior management of the RTA to raise the satisfaction of all employees.”

“The Administrative Services Department is seeking to serve the needs of all employees in terms of goods and services from within the RTA or beyond in collaboration with a host of businesses. The external services provided included tourist hotels in the UAE, smart telecommunication gadgets, different makes of vehicles, a variety of restaurants, travel & tourism services, hospitals, in addition to clinics & medical centers and public services,” he continued.

The initiative of providing discounted services and products for our employees reflects RTA’s attention to applying its social responsibility towards its employees through catering to every aspect that will bring happiness to them as well as their family members.

Moreover, these initiatives help foster an attractive environment through providing direct and indirect discount packages including facilities and discounted rates of a number of important products and services needed by employees and their families in collaboration with businesses which issue discount vouchers.