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RTA launches ‘Innovation Journey’ contest about traffic safety for varsity students

Cash prizes allocated to reward innovators

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, has launched a traffic safety contest for university students entitled: Innovation Journey.

The step is part of RTA’s initiatives aimed at encouraging & supporting innovation, and involving youth & university students in researching and discussing traffic awareness issues.

Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency, praised the cooperation of The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, which would assess & judge nominations submitted for winning the prizes on offer. The Center is well suited to play this role as it fosters innovation, and has a network of global partnerships with universities & specialist institutes as well as organizations associated with governmental development.

“Targeting university students is particularly important as this vital community segment has creative potentials and innovative ideas. We, in government departments, have to nurture such talents & guide them to the right direction. The Agency has therefore rolled out a traffic contest built on innovation & creativity for which valuable prizes are allocated with the aim of motivating students to research and study issues related to vehicles movement and traffic safety,” said Maitha.

RTA’s efforts are focused on university students in the UAE, and traffic awareness specialists had made huge efforts to forge links with the managements of colleges & universities in Dubai, who had embraced and supported the idea.”

The underlying idea of the ‘Innovation Journey for the Safety of All’ contest is to diffuse the culture of thinking & innovation. We have therefore left the door open for university students to think & research one of the traffic issues & challenges and try to come up with suitable cracking solutions.

Our specialists would hold illustrative training workshops to help students with researches & innovation besides explaining the conditions of the contest and how to submit nominations. The Agency has set a link for uploading students’ submissions ( The Agency is keen to make this contest open for all students where submissions can be made by an individual student or a team of up to three students. The contest is also open for post-graduate students.

The winning idea or project must provide practical and smart solutions for the existing challenges, and specify beneficiaries as well as the impact of the project on traffic movement & safety in Dubai during the implementation period. Students are invited to capitalize on the modern illustrative tools such graphics, images, video clips, data flowcharts, and posters.

“A cash prize of AED10, 000 (Ten Thousand Dirham) would be granted to the first winner, AED7, 000 (Seven Thousand Dirham) to the runner-up, and AED5, 000 (Five Thousand Dirham) to the third place finisher. This year the Agency would embark on new methods of communication with the audiences targeted with traffic awareness programs, particularly youths in universities & schools. The cash prizes offered are intended to encourage the participation and communication of targeted individuals,” added Maitha.

“The Agency reposes high confidence in the huge potentials of university students in thinking, planning & innovating, besides their passion to combat contemporary challenges with cracking solutions. Students are recommended to believe in the value of their deliverables, and develop a passion & pay attention to assisting us improve traffic safety levels in the Emirate of Dubai,” added the CEO of RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency.