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RTA provides 11 thousand additional parking spaces nearby New Year’s celebrations venue

The Traffic Management Team for Dealing with Operational Plans during Official Occasions and Annual Events at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has set up a comprehensive traffic plan to control the movement of vehicles and public transport during the celebrations of the New Year which is usually accompanied by huge traffic snarls especially in the area surrounding Burj Khalifa in the downtown of Dubai emirate.

Engineer Maitha bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency cum Head Engineer Maitha bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency cum Head of the Traffic Management Team for Dealing with Operational Plans during Official Occasions and Annual Events at the RTA, said: “The Team has taken all necessary measures to facilitate the traffic movement at Burj Khalifa area during the celebration of the New Year’s Day. The traffic plan included the provision of additional 11,000 parking spaces, in addition to feeder buses for metro stations, which will be running around-the-clock.”

She noted that dedicated bus and taxi lanes have been earmarked and called upon motorists not use the two express lanes in both directions of Al Saada Street from Dubai World Trade Centre to the Business Bay district, as both lanes will be dedicated for buses and taxis only.

“We have got a ready and approved plan to control the traffic movement during the New Year’s Eve, where the Team would play a key role in giving way to vehicles leaving the area after the end of the event. The Team has made the necessary co-ordination for this event, taking into consideration the latest developments such as utilizing the new roads opened of late by the RTA including Al Asayel Street, where the outbound traffic will be closed (from Oud Metha Street to the Business Bay district) in order to dedicate this lane for buses and taxis on the day of the event. However, one lane will be dedicated for buses and taxis in the opposite direction from the Business Bay to Oud Metha Street,” explained Maitha.

The team has provided additional parking spaces amounting to 11 thousand slots nearby event areas comprising 1500 parking slots at the World Trade Center, 8000 parking at Meydan, 500 parking at Al Jafliyah (Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs), 1000 parking at Zabeel Park in addition to the parking yard at the front of Al Wasl Sports Club to enable visitors park their vehicles and use mass transit systems available at site free of charge. About 130 buses will be deployed to commute riders between the said parking spaces and the events site to avoid congestion.

“The Dubai Metro will be providing non-stop service during the New Year’s Eve and the Burj Khalifa – Dubai Mall Metro Station will be closed from 10 pm on Wednesday 31st December up to 6 am on Thursday 1st Jan so that riders can use the Business Bay and the Dubai Financial Center stations as an option, where buses will be operating to lift riders free of charge to the nearest station. During the events on 31 December 2014 the public transport ridership is expected to hit 820 thousand riders and on Thursday 1/1/2015 the ridership is likely to be around 490 thousand riders. The pedestrian bridge nearby Burj Khalifa on the Sheikh Zayed Road will be closed at 12.00 am (midnight),” she added.

In a related context, the Head of the Team of Traffic Movement and Dealing with Operational Plans during Official and Annual Events at the RTA, said: “The light signals of this area will be monitored around-the-clock to ensure streamlined traffic flow as per the requirements of the vehicular density at intersections and streets nearby the Business Bay district. Virtual Messaging Signs will direct road users to suitable alternative routes in coordination with the Dubai Police and Emaar Company in order to monitor the implementation of the plan and carry out any changes where needed.”

Engineer Maitha called on the public to use the metro and public buses rather than private vehicles, especially during the events witnessed by the Emirate of Dubai such as the New Year’s Eve as the plan of the Team is based on using public transport and has deployed sufficient resources to accommodate the rising number of public taking part in these events. She also called upon road users, including pedestrians, to comply with the traffic guidance and instructions of security personnel in order to ensure safe and smooth transport for all.