Complex Made Simple

RTA starts using sophisticated equipment to clean bridges, elevated structures

The service is provided to infrastructure contractors

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that it had started using a state-of-the-art multi-lever equipment to cope with the challenges of maintaining roads and structures such as viaducts, crossings above water canals among others.

The equipment will be provided to infrastructure contractors as an added service through a smooth procedure, which can be completed at RTA service centers across the Emirate of Dubai.

“A team of RTA specialists has recently visited Germany to inspect this equipment at site before procurement. The equipment has a high degree of functionality in all directions once fixed to the body of a truck. It can access a distance as far as 18 meters, and enables working around various parts of bridges, be it on the top or soffit. It can also be used in technical inspection of sites of other road facilities,” said Engineer Maitha bin Udai, CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.

“Among the multiple features of the apparatus is that it enables access to any targeted part of the facility, and can reach to any intended part of the structure for inspection or maintenance purposes, thanks to the long arm fitted with two joints rendering it movable in all directions up to 23 meters height. It also comes with a standby generator in case of power outage as well as safety & warning systems against any emergency. The equipment can be remotely controlled, either by the inspector or the operator. This equipment will be on offer for rent to maintenance contractors of RTA facilities as it will make their job much easier in this regard,” continued Maitha.

“The equipment will also assist the RTA in expediting periodic maintenance operations and reducing associated risks, and accordingly improving the operational efficiency and safety of maintenance teams as well as road users, including pedestrians & vehicles as well as boats passing underneath the Creek Crossings. The RTA attaches utmost importance to the maintenance of its facilities in order to ensure their optimal functionality by counting on the use of the latest technologies worldwide,” added the CEO of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency.