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Samsung Electronics maintains number 1 position on top 10 Buzz Rankings 2015 in KSA

Number one Brand in Saudi Arabia.

Once again, Samsung Electronics KSA has put forth measures and goals, with the esteemed trust of the local consumer, to reach the latest of technology to all members of society, proving itself once again on its leadership role and credibility throughout the communities of the world, by maintaining the number 1 position on the list of Top 10 Buzz Rankings by YouGov BrandIndex report for four consecutive years.

BrandIndex is the authoritative measure of brand perception, which continuously measures public perception of thousands of brands across dozens of sectors. The organization interviews thousands of consumers every day on a local, regional and global level that allows companies and people to track brand perception in one country, compare across multiple countries or monitor a global picture. For the 2014 rankings, YouGov BrandIndex surveyed consumers across 20 countries, where 10 nations’ consumer perception placed Samsung in 10 of the 15 Top Ten YouGov BrandIndex rankings lists, empowering the brand’s reputation amongst local communities due to countless factors that put the company on the forefront of favorable brands not in the country or region, but on the planet.

Samsung Electronics was ranked 1st place for the fourth year in a row on this year’s (2015) announced annual report at 40.7 points, always due to skyrocketing releases of the most innovative technologies, community care initiatives and increase consumer engagement activities around the Kingdom that has given customers full trust in the brand, proving over and over the company’s commitment to the community, customer loyalty and top notch technology.

Commenting on this glorious achievement, Mr. KeeWon Park, General Manager of Samsung Saudi Arabia stated that: “Samsung Electronics strives to excel in the domain of consumer electronics which is evident with the quality and types of technologies being unveiled to consumers before it is even demanded by the market. The company has continued to demonstrate itself as an industry trend setter, providing Saudi Arabia, the region and the world with products that exceed expectations and leading communities towards innovative smart technologies in every household.”

Mr. Nael M. Hammad, Director of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics KSA office commented: “We are here to convey our utmost appreciation to Saudi consumers who day by day prove to be greatly engaging with us and our products, whom with their continued trust and loyalty paved way for the company to become a local and worldwide renowned valued brand.”

“There are many reasons that make us the top perceived brand across many countries, especially Saudi Arabia for the fourth year in a row, mainly due to our outstanding product innovation, exceptional marketing initiatives and local initiatives, that when put together demonstrate our path towards consumer satisfaction and community care,” concluded Mr. Hammad.

Samsung Electronics and Takaful Charity Foundation had signed an MOU during the first half of 2015 for the indigent students, where Samsung undertook to provide 2,500 hi-tech personal computers to 1,134 public schools for both boys and girls across 23 regions in the Kingdom.

Research has shown that teaching using modern technologies makes learning more exciting, motivating to the learners and encourages collaboration and strengthens communication skills, an approach that the Saudi Ministry of Education has integrated in its system, and towards June, and in line with the promise, all devices were delivered to the needy students and a distribution ceremony was held in Al- Kharj North of Riyadh to celebrate the distribution and incorporation of smart technology in public schools across the Kingdom.

Furthermore and in line with unwavering commitment to enhance children’s education through advanced technology, Jeddah Knowledge International School (JKS) has signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics Saudi Arabia for the purchase of 2,500 Samsung tablets to be used by students in the Primary, Middle and Upper Levels as part of the school’s further pursuit of academic excellence by transforming classroom education to e-learning.

Brand engagement and rewarding loyalty to consumers has been evident through a number of ground breaking initiatives launched by the company, such as the Kingdom-wide voyage, where the journey’s concept, hailed as moving experience zones installed with the most advanced technologies available, allowed visitors to wander through conjoined vehicles that arrive to local cities and towns to experience how truly living SMART can be life changing. Furthermore, Samsung seeks to bring forth and expose the never losing traditional heritage of each individual area across the Kingdom and learn about how these cultures make up the country that is today.

Samsung constantly communicates its utmost appreciation to consumers, greatly engaging and caring for the communities they operate in, whom with their continued trust and loyalty paved way for the company to become a worldwide renowned valued brand.

Samsung’s global initiative, “Launching People” was launched and the winners announced, mentored, and had their projects see the light, to continue a dedicated effort that provides tools and technology that empower young people to learn, create and collaborate in an effort to improve their personal traits and the community they life in by providing the generation of tomorrow with resources that will inspire them to reach the heights of their dreams, for Samsung clearly strategized not to just launch products, but also launch people.

Samsung Electronics also signed in 2014 a strategic partnership agreement with the Technical and Vocational Training Institute in Riyadh, aiming to adopt the “Corporate Citizenship” program in the field of electronic training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement was signed by Vice Governor of TVTC for Training and General Manager of Samsung Electronics in Saudi Arabia, in the presence of HE Ambassador to the Republic of Korea in Saudi Arabia.

The program aims to assist with the establishment of integrated centers for maintenance training under the name of “Samsung Tech Institute” that will be equipped with the latest technical equipment for the student body, in addition to support and provide extensive professional training to selected pool of accredited trainers of the institute in techniques and methods of Samsung Electronics whereby they will be able to pass these teachings to the students of the institute.

This training program (Training-The-Trainers) will receive training on various product categories, mainly: hand held phones, home appliances, air-conditioning, audio visual and IT. Samsung and TVTC will inevitably exchange experiences and knowledge, thus remaining within the framework of giving back to the Saudi community, and towards achieving the principle of strategic partnership in social responsibility.