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“Sanid” takes part in Taweya Exhibition

In line with Its Efforts to Enhance Social Responsiveness to Crises

Emirates Foundation’s National Emergency Response Volunteer Programme, Sanid, took part in Taweya Exhibition, a high-profile awareness-building event that will run from October 20-22, 2015 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC).

Emirates Foundation takes advantage of its annual participation in Taweyah Exhibition to build awareness amongst UAE nationals and residents about its safety campaigns and services, and to provide visitors with the opportunity to experience and learn more about Sanid services, focused on enhancing community’s responsiveness to crises and emergencies.

Sanid will have a dedicated booth which will welcome visitors and share with them information about all of the voluntary services it offers in the area of voluntary response to emergencies and crises as well as training programmes designed for individuals, private and public sector organisations.

In addition, members of the public will be able to have practical training on first aid and CPR on a van specially brought for this purpose.

As part of the exhibition, Emirates Foundation will also run three workshops focused on Child Safety.

Since its launch in 2010, Sanid has been active in providing volunteers with the necessary emergency response skills in an effort to create advanced response teams ready to back up professional emergency response organizations.

Sanid, which means “support” in Arabic, is a robust volunteer emergency response programme unique to the UAE. It draws on the strengths of proven international models, particularly the Swedish Civil Defense League and the US Citizen Corps.
Emirates Foundation’s Chief Programs officer Maytha Al Habsi said “Volunteering and community service are becoming increasingly important today and an essential measure of progress of societies. This is the underlying strategy behind the design of all of Emirates Foundation’s Programmes, especially Sanid – which has shown great success over the years in contributing to building a cohesive social capital in the UAE by mobilizing and engaging volunteers to support community causes.”
“Sanid’s primary focus is on uniting volunteers motivated by a sense of civic responsibility and training them to cope with crises and equipping them with the skills to safeguard their fellow citizens at the local and national levels. This will help boost society’s alertness and capability of responding to crises and mitigating their impact. Those volunteers serve as back-ups for professional teams in case of large scale crises,” Al Habsi added.

Sanid has run scores of basic and advanced training programs across the UAE. The number of volunteers who signed up in the program reached 9,000 by 2015. The training covered diverse skills including first aid and CPR in addition to fire-fighting, evacuation, rescuing traffic accident victims, organization of public events, emergency relief, and others.

These programs have helped in raising public awareness and volunteers’ responsiveness, and in boosting volunteers’ self-confidence, sense of responsibility, and ability to come to the rescue of those in need – at home, at workplace, at school, on the road, etc.
Al Habis said registration in the programme is open for Nationals and expatriates 18 years and above, who have a strong sense of responsibility.
The Taweya Exhibition is an annual event under the Patronage of National and Social Cohesion Strengthening Initiative, which supports the society awareness, volunteering and humanitarian services.

A wide range of community organizations participate in the exhibition to build awareness about their services and causes. Examples of causes addressed at the exhibition include: traffic and safety, environmental awareness, special needs support, humanitarian authorities, waste control, rehabilitation centers, food control and general health, civil defense and drugs, diseases, smoking, cancer, economic programs, water and electricity reserving, sports awareness and body fitness.