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Sanofi KSA launches Enterogermina

Probiotics for children and adults

Sanofi launched Enterogermina, a probiotic also known as Bacillus Clausii that is used to restore the intestinal bacterial balance in case of any intestinal disorder.

Diabetes, obesity and inappropriate use of antibiotics may cause intestinal flora disturbance, using probiotics in these conditions will help patients balance gastrointestinal tract flora.

Dr. Antonio Gasbarrini, Full Professor of Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine Department at Catholic University, Gemelli Hospital, Rome, Italy, who presented on the importance of using probiotics in the efforts to maintain a healthy number of bacteria, said, “Although we are born with these microorganisms in our bodies, poor dietary habits can disrupt the levels of microbiota in the system and cause more damage than harm. Probiotics and Postbiotics are part of biotherapy, a new direction in medicine when treating infections and gastric conditions.”

Dr. Diaa Ayoub, Consultant Pediatrician at Erfan Hospital said “Bacillus Clausii is part of a new class of probiotics that help stimulates the immune system to protect the gastrointestinal tract against infection or other gastrointestinal diseases. Due to the increasing number of diabetes and obesity cases in the Saudi Arabia, gastrointestinal diseases cases are also on the rise. Probiotics such as Enterogermina® are prescribed as part of the treatment to manage the microbiota in the system.”

Dr. Salah Moussa, the General Manager of Saudi SANOFI said: “We are dedicated in SANOFI to provide all patients in Saudi Arabia with the latest in healthcare solutions helping to improve the patients’ health and well-being. Enterogermina will be a valuable addition of our pediatric and adult patients in Saudi Arabia playing a vital role in restoring the balance in the affected gastrointestinal tract”.