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Saraya Bandar Jissah supports professional development at Qantab School

Saraya Bandar Jissah, has made special contributions for the young children of Qantab Public School and we intend on being a part of such creative initiatives in the future as well.

As part of its commitment to make meaningful contributions and serve the community, Oman’s newest and most exciting Integrated Tourism Complex, Saraya Bandar Jissah, set out to make a lasting positive impact on the Qantab Public School by supporting a professional development program for its teachers.

Presented by the Centre for Community Service and Continuing Education (CCSCE) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), the program was held from 17 to 20 August, on the eve of the new academic school year.

A number of topics were presented in the training program which covered learning and teaching-related techniques. The courses were presented by two of the CCSCE faculty specialists, from morning to mid-day.

The program kicked-off with a welcome speech presented by the school principal, as she welcomed the participants and thanked Saraya Bandar Jissah for their ongoing support for the Qantab community.

Shareefa Yousef Al Wahaibi, principal of Qantab Public School said, “It has been a pleasure conducting the first of its kind initiative at the school. Ongoing training and professional development for teachers ensures they are up to date with contemporary teaching methods. Not only is it critical for teachers to know their material, they must also be able to help students in order for them to truly succeed. This professional development workshop has provided just that, highlighting the best ways to instruct and motivate students for the best possible outcomes. We are appreciative of Saraya Bandar Jissah’s contributions to our school and must say, our teachers are looking forward to a new year of fun and learning.”

Saleh bin Khalifa Al-Hinai, head of continuing education at CCSCE, SQU stressed the importance of the professional development program. He noted that SQU – represented by CCSCE, is providing several services to the different organisations of the educational sector.

Prof. Ali bin Huwaishil Al Shuaili, director of Omani Studies Centre (OSC) Director and a professor at the College of Education, conducted the first session titled ‘curriculum and capacity building’ and discussed general concepts related to the school curriculum concerns, the basics of designing and implementing a curriculum, and its role in building cognitive, mental and behavioural capabilities of learners. He highlighted models of school curricula, mechanisms of teaching and school climate of a number of developed countries. He also shed light on curriculum reform movements in some developed countries, the existing international studies on student achievement, and variables associated with the students and the school and in particular PIRLS and TIMSS study.

On the second and third day, Prof. Abdullah bin Khamis Ambusaidi, dean of post-graduate studies at SQU presented the strategies of Active Learning in a very creative and effective way for the trainees. On the last day of the training program, Prof. Ali discussed teachers’ role in caring of the students and encouraging a balanced nutrition during school hours, in addition to the importance of social, psychological, and behavioural aspects of the students inside the school.

Wrapping up the insightful professional development program, Saleh AlSharji, senior CSR officer at Saraya Bandar Jissah said, “By supporting this program, our objective is to promote the growth of the next generation. Saraya Bandar Jissah, has made special contributions for the young children of Qantab Public School and we intend on being a part of such creative initiatives in the future as well. Working closely with the school, Saraya Bandar Jissah aims to help students better engage with their teachers and be stimulated in their classroom.”

Saraya Bandar Jissah, in the past has made special contributions to Qantab Public School. The initiative involved designing a modern and dynamic environment in order to create a great learning space for youngsters. The Qantab Public School initiative not only uplifted the spirit of learning but gained recognition by the Social Committee of Muscat when it was nominated as one of the best three CSR Initiatives in a competition conducted recently.

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