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Saudi Arabia facilitates development of its mining sector

Saudi Arabia is launching an initiative to facilitate the development of its mining sector and accelerate its mineral resources development plan, Trade Arabia reported. Sultan bin Jamal Shawli, Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources at Saudi Arabia’s Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry said, “The aim is to establish mining and its support services as the third pillar of the Saudi Arabian economy after hydrocarbons and petrochemicals. We have the minerals, the market and the potential to explore them. We are now turning to the private sector in the kingdom and the world outside to help us achieve our ambitious goals”. ” Mineral deposits in Saudi Arabia are widespread and of many types, ranging from metallic and non-metallic to lightweight aggregate,” said Dr Zohair A Nawab, president of the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS), the kingdom’s globally-well respected minerals research and development agency based in Jeddah.