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Saudi Banks launches Laa-Tefsheaha campaign

The campaign aims to change banks’ customers behavior to be more alert & cautious

Saudi Banks, have launched this morning its joined annual fifth Financial Antifraud awareness campaign under the title of Laa-Tefsheaha to enhance the understanding of financial fraud & ways of protections.

The said campaign which is organized & managed by The Media & Banking Awareness Committee of Saudi Banks, aimed to educate public at large & Banks’ customers specifically to the different ways of financial & banking fraud & ways of protection.

Also the campaign aims to change banks’ customers behavior to be more alert & cautious when it comes to dealing with banking cards , PIN numbers & how to protect them from being exposed to any kind of fraud.

The campaign titled “Laa – Tefsheaha” or “don’t spread it” in English, aims to emphasize the fact that most of the financial frauds take place due to disclosing bank records & personal information to strangers.

Secretary General of Media & Banking Awareness Committee of Saudi Banks, Talat Hafiz along with Head of Media and Banking Awareness Working Team of Saudi Banks, Mohammad Al-Rebeah, have clarified the theme of this campaign & it’s expected deliverables, during a press conference held today in Riyadh.

Moreover, they have covered both the achievements of previous campaigns & it’s positive results in connection with educating the public at large & Saudi Banks’ customers, specifically, on how to protect themselves from being victims to financial fraud.

Hafiz has stressed the goal of this campaign & previous ones where to prevent financial fraudulent activity in KSA banking system, as well as to show ways how bank customers could avoid falling victims to financial fraud.

He added that “Battling fraud is an on-going effort by all Saudi banks in KSA and stressed the fact that Saudi banks will continue to share with the public & its customers how to use banking products & services, especially electronic banking channels in a safe way.”

Mohammed Al-Rabeah has also stressed the fact that with the rising of digital and social media and the attempts by fraudsters to use these channels to commit a fraud, consumers must be aware of how they can protect themselves from online fraud.

He concluded: that “The launch of this campaign is intended to coincide with the start of the summer vacation season as a number of Saudi citizens choose to travel abroad & usually use their debit and credit cards more often.”

Thus the title of the campaign “Laa-Tefsheaha” or “don’t spread it”, aims to reduce the levels of financial fraud through educating the public & travelers about the best practices in connection with protecting their banks’ cards despite the fact that KSA is ranked among the lowest countries in the world when it comes to financial frauds, especially when considering its open Economy & free financial & banking systems.