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AMEinfo Exclusive: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Paris tonight

Unofficial sources confirm to AMEinfo that Saudi Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman will be in Paris ahead of schedule tonight from 8 to 10 pm Paris time.

“(Saudi crown) Prince is to arrive in Marseilles  and join Emanuel Macron in Aix-en-Provence or simply Aix, in the south of France, about 30 km north of Marseille, for a classic music concert,” AMEinfo sources said.

The Local Fr,  a French daily, had said the Saudi crown prince “will be on an official visit Monday and Tuesday, mainly to discuss culture, tourism, investment and new technologies,” quoting a source close to the Saudi delegation had told it.

“He is expected to arrive Sunday, though it was unclear where he would be staying,” Local Fr, said yesterday.

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The New York Times reported in December that Prince Salman was the owner of the Chateau Louis XIV near Louveciennes, to the west of Paris — and not far from the palace at Versailles — which was purchased in 2015.

The Saudi crown prince will have concluded a month long business tour that took him to Egypt, the UK and the US, having signed deals worth billions towards achieving Saudi Vision 2030, efforts aimed at diversifying the kingdom away from oil.

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