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Saudi e-commerce platform noon celebrates its 1st birthday

One year ago, on December 13, the region’s homegrown digital marketplace, noon, launched its operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As a customer-focused, Arabic-first e-commerce platform, the past year has seen noon grow to become a household name for online shopping in the region and meeting the expectations of customers and retailers.

noon is a home brand from the region that serve customers. The e-commerce platform was built using the knowledge and expertise of young, local talent to cater to the shopping and lifestyle aspirations of the region’s customers, coupled with efficient and technically advanced logistics requirements that were developed locally to ensure fast and reliable delivery.

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Mohamed Alabbar, noon founder,noon’s Yellow Friday goes live with major deals said: “We owe it to customers in the region to establish a world-class company that has become the flag bearer of an innovative and truly regional e-commerce customer experience because our region and our people deserve the best. We have been humbled by the love we have received from our customers who have made noon their favourite online shopping destination.”

Within the past year, noon has grown rapidly and gained many significant achievements. noon also partnered with local small and medium enterprises, suppliers and traders, and start-ups helping them increase their share of the e-commerce market in the region. Through noon, local companies from all around the region can use as their own digital platform, as well as their logistics and fulfilment provider, to reach more customers, especially as digital commerce gains more prominence and growth.

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With offices in Riyadh and Dubai, and expansion plans on the horizon, noon empowers the region’s youth to participate in the growing digital economy. noon already employs some of the brightest regional youth, and is actively nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship to support the region compete on a global scale.

noon’s first year of operation also witnessed its first Yellow Friday sale in November, which further propelled the digital marketplace into a leading position with exclusive deals, experiences and surprises for customers. 

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